How to Get Bank Statement Online?


14 November 2022

How to Get Bank Statement Online?

Many customers of popular banks use online services to meet their banking needs and to check bank balances online. However, there are often instances when people do not have access to the internet or when online banking. In such cases, the question often asked is how to check my bank account balance or how to check my bank balance online? Here is an article that shows you how to get a bank statement online, even if you don’t have your net banking credentials. 

There are several ways to download a bank statement  and check bank account status online  in India, let’s take a look at some: 

  1. Through the Bank’s app
  • Download the banking app from Google Play Store, App Store or from the bank’s website. 
  • Sign-in on the app using your bank details.
  • Click on  ‘View balance’, ‘View transaction history’, or ‘Download account statement’.
  • Select a date range to obtain an account statement. 
  • Click on ‘Download statement’ or ‘Email statement’  and an encrypted file will be generated that is either downloaded or emailed to you. 

2. Check your registered email

  • Log in to your registered email account.
  • Search for ‘Bank statement’, ‘account statement’ or ‘transaction summary’. 
  • Banks send regular emails that contain password-protected bank statements in a PDF format.
  • Download the file and make sure to decrypt it or include the password while uploading the statement

3. At an ATM

  • Visit your bank’s nearest ATM with your card.
  • Enter your 4-digit PIN number.
  • Select/Click on ‘Get statement’, Get mini statement’, or ‘Print mini statement’.
  • You will receive a printed copy of your account’s mini statement.

Apart from these convenient methods:

  • Users can always visit the nearest bank branch and submit a written request for an account statement without net banking which will be provided immediately. 
  • Banking users can also benefit from signing up for free email alerts from their respective banks, where the bank account statement is sent to clients on a weekly/monthly basis in a protected pdf format.

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