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What is a Credit Score?

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It is a 3-digit number representing your borrowing or repayment capacity. A good score means you are a responsible borrower, making you eligible for loans and other forms of credit on favourable terms. However, a low score implies the opposite and can make access to credit challenging. 

This score is calculated by credit bureaus and is predominantly based on several factors, including your repayment patterns. 

In India, 4 credit bureaus maintain and calculate credit scores. 

  • Equifax
  • Experian
  • Credit Information Bureau (India) Limited (CIBIL) 
  • CRIF Highmark
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    Why is it Important to Maintain a Good Credit Score?

    Here are some privileges you enjoy by maintaining a good score. 
    It improves your chances of getting a good offer on loans and credit cards 
    Your loans get approved quickly without much hassle 
    It empowers you to negotiate for comfortable loan terms
    It empowers you to nYou can enjoy better rewards and benefits on credit cards 
    You can get pre-approved offers from banks and credit card companies
    Some banks may offer a waiver on prepayment charges and processing fee
    You can enjoy lower interest rates on loans and other credits
    As some employers also check the score, a good score improves your chances of having employability

    How Does CIBIL Score Impact Loan and Credit Card Eligibility?

    CIBIL has distributed scores into ranges, where each range of score corresponds to the probability of getting approval. Following are the ranges of scores and their impact on your loan or credit card eligibility.  
    ScoreCredit worthinessEligibility
    900 - 750ExcellentVery High
    749 - 700GoodHigh
    699 - 650FairPossible
    649 - 600PoorLow
    Below 600 Very BadVery Low
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    How to Improve Credit Score?

    Here are some easy tips to improve your creditworthiness:
    Pay your credit card bills and loan EMIs on time
    Review your credit reports periodically and rectify the errors  
    Keep your credit utilisation ratio under 30% 
    Apply for different forms of credits 
    Limit your credit enquiries 
    Go for debt consolidation to manage your EMIs and debt-to-income ratio

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    It is important to check your credit score online in order to avoid any wrong or incomplete information. It also helps you to keep track and understand your credit position better.

    • Credit Score is the individual’s loan repayment ability represented in 3-digit numbers.
    • Credit Ratings generally give credit ratings to corporations and government entities whether they can meet their financial commitments.
    • Credit Report shows a credit history, basically a summary of a potential borrower to the lenders that represents their creditworthiness.

    You can follow the below simple steps to check credit score for free:

    1. Enter your basic details.
    2. Add your mobile number and Email ID.
    3. Verify your mobile number with the OTP sent.
    4. Once the process is completed, your credit score will be displayed on the screen.
    5. You can also see the detailed report by clicking on ‘View detailed report’.

    A credit score or CIBIL score is generally calculated on below factors:

    1. Your EMI payment patterns
    2. How much money you owe
    3. How many active loans do you have
    4. Whether you are a defaulter in the past

    There can be multiple reasons as to why your CIBIL score or other credit score keeps changing. 

    • If you spend more than usual or utilise the entire credit limit, you might witness a dip in your credit score
    • Your credit score improves if you pay your loan EMIs on time
    • Similarly, if you pay off your credit card bill payments timely, it also helps in improving your credit score

    Your existing lenders, potential lenders and even insurance companies can access your CIBIL score or other credit score reports.

    At present, you cannot check your credit score with the help of your Aadhaar card, since the credit score is linked to your PAN card. You need to provide your PAN number to get the score.

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