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Need funds for those big life upgrades or unexpected expenses? A long-term loan could be the solution. You can get up to ₹5 lakhs quickly, with the flexibility to repay over an extended period. It’s a convenient way to access the money when you need it.

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Fibe personal loan and instant cash loan app

What is a Long Term Loan?

A long-term personal loan is an investment that develops over time, much like caring for a tree. You take out this loan, which you repay over a number of years, to meet major expenses. It's perfect for significant life events like buying a house, paying for school, or launching a business. These loans enable significant investments with long-term payback spaced out because they are often greater than long-term loans.

The speed is one of the benefits. When time is of the essence, it is convenient to be authorised and receive cash promptly. Nevertheless, because of the shorter payback period and increased risk for the lender, they may have higher interest rates than long-term loans. It's important to carefully review the terms and make sure you have the money to make the repayments on schedule.

It's a good idea to compare rates and terms for long-term personal loans as they might differ significantly between lenders. Others are based only on your income and credit score, while some require collateral. They provide an immediate solution without tying you down with an extended financial commitment because they are made to be adaptable. Recall that although loans may seem practical, it's important to borrow sensibly and comprehend the terms to prevent future hardship.

How can a long term loan help you?

In many circumstances, a long-term loan can offer vital financial relief. It can be used to pay for unforeseen medical expenses, necessary auto repairs, or essential home maintenance expenses that can't wait until your next income. Another long term loan example could be filling long-term cash flow gaps, such as paying for expenses incurred by the company before receiving payment from a client. Additionally, it might help grab chances that are time-sensitive, such as buying a small business's discounted inventory. All things considered, a well-managed long-term loan provides flexibility and assurance, guaranteeing that you may take care of urgent financial demands without jeopardising your long-term financial security.

Home Expenses
Medical Expenses
Travel Expenses
Upgrade Gadgets
Utility Bills

Features and benefits of long term personal loan

Here's a look at the benefits associated with Fibe’s loan:

No restrictions on usage

No restrictions on usage:

Use your long term loan instantly for any purpose

Borrow multiple times

Borrow multiple times:

Repay your previous loan and get the next one the very next day

No Collateral

No Collateral:

No need to pledge or mortgage any assets when applying for a long term loan 

0 foreclosure charges

0 foreclosure charges:

Close your loan anytime without any penalty.

Flexi repayment

Flexi repayment:

Repay in easy EMIs over a tenure ranging from 3 to 36 months

100% digital journey

100% digital journey:

No long forms, no paperwork—just fill in some details online and get instant cash 



Submit basic documents for a long term personal loan and get instant approval 

Cash in bank

Cash in bank:

Receive funds directly in your bank account within 2 minutes of loan approval

Affordable rates:

Affordable rates:

Fibe offers interest rate as low as 2% per month, even to new credit customers  

Secure platform

Secure platform:

Our PCI DSS app-based journey and ISO 27001 certification makes getting a personal loan for long term easy and secure.

Fibe personal loan and instant cash loan app

Why Choose Long Term Loan from Fibe?

Experience the exclusive advantages of Fibe's loan services:

Whether it's for medical emergencies, spontaneous travel, or investing in new skills, Fibe caters to all your credit needs. Enjoy a hassle-free digital experience without the need for cumbersome paperwork and no restrictions on usage. Simply enter your details online and receive cash immediately. Benefit from flexible repayment terms ranging from 3 to 36 months, with minimal documentation for quick approval. 

Take advantage of competitive interest rates, even if you're a new credit customer, and the option to borrow again just one day after repaying a loan. There are no pre-closure charges, allowing you to settle your loan at any time without penalties. Get loan amounts up to ₹5 lakhs in just 2 minutes, directly credited to your bank account. Trust in Fibe's secure application and disbursement process, featuring a PCI DSS app-based platform and ISO/IEC 27001 certification.

Step to Apply for Long Term Personal Loan

Follow these quick steps to apply for a long term loan:

  • Fill Out the Application Form

    Complete the loan application form with a few details

  • Minimal Documentation

    Submit your application along with the required documents

  • Quick Approval

    Get instant approval and money transferred to your bank account in 2 minutes

  • East Repayment

    Choose preferred tenure from 3 to 36 months in easy instalments

Eligibility & Documents Required for Long Term Personal Loan

Applying for a long-term loan with Fibe is incredibly straightforward with its easy-to-qualify eligible criteria and minimal documentation.. Enjoy a hassle-free process to access the funds you need for your upgrades.

Eligibility Criteria


You must be between the ages of 21 to 55 years.


A minimum monthly in-hand income of ₹15,000 in non-metro cities and ₹18,000 in metro cities is required.


You must be a resident of India.

Documents Required


A Selfie: Your picture in good lighting.


PAN card: Important document for identity verification.


Aadhaar card: Ensures the legality of your application.


Salary Slips (last 3 months) or Bank Statements (last 6 months): Shows your financial stability.

Calculate Long Term Loan EMI

Effectively manage your finances with the assistance of the Fibe EMI calculator. This tool is designed to help you project your monthly repayments for a personal loan of ₹4 lakh.

Your monthly instalment:
Total interest
Principal amount
Total amount

How Do Long-Term Loans Work? 
Long-term loans are structured for repayment over an extended period, typically exceeding a year. They provide borrowers with a larger amount of capital that is repaid in regular instalments over time.

FAQs for Long Term Loan:

For long-term needs, personal loans are often the best option due to their quick approval process and flexibility. Instant cash loans and long-term installment loans can also be considered but they typically come with higher interest rates. Credit cards and lines of credit can be useful for very long-term needs if you can pay them off quickly to avoid high-interest charges.

The loan amount for a long-term loan varies based on the lender and the borrower’s creditworthiness. With Fibe, you can get cash up to ₹5 lakhs in just 2 minutes at affordable interest rates.

You can repay your Fibe loan through different payment modes and in just a few simple steps:

  • By setting auto-debit: Most lenders, including Fibe, allow you to set up auto-debits from your bank account on the due dates.
  • Online Payments: You can log into your Fibe account online or through the app and make payments directly.
  • Direct bank transfer: Some lenders may allow you to transfer the repayment amount from your bank account adding them to the beneficiary.

Most long-term loans are unsecured, meaning they do not require collateral. However, the terms can vary by lender. Some secured long-term loans might require collateral, such as a vehicle or other valuable asset, to guarantee the loan. Unsecured loans typically rely on your creditworthiness for approval.

The tenure for a long-term loan typically ranges from a few months to years. The exact tenure depends on the loan product and the lender’s policies. With Fibe, you can enjoy a repayment tenure starting from 3 months to 36 months.

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