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Get a personal loan for travel of up to ₹5 lakhs to fund your dream vacation. Fibe’s fast approval, flexible repayment options and attractive rates make it easier than ever to explore the world.

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What is a Travel Loan?

Do you know what’s the best way to fund your dream vacation without draining your savings? Think of it as a loan for travel designed specifically for travel expenses, whether you're planning a family holiday, a romantic getaway or an adventurous trip. Applying for a travel loan is usually pretty simple. You can do it fully digitally by providing a few basic documents like proof of identity, income and residence. Once you're approved, the money is deposited directly into your bank account. With Fibe, you can get cash up to ₹5 lakhs in just 2 minutes. You can then use it for flights, hotels, tours and any other travel-related costs.

Travel loans are typically unsecured, so you don't need to put up any collateral. The interest rates and terms can vary, depending on your credit score, income and the lender's policies. You can choose a repayment plan ranging from 3 months and 36 months that fits perfectly into your budget.

The best part? This loan lets you enjoy your trip without worrying about immediate financial pressure. Instead of dipping into your savings or racking up credit card debt, you get a more structured and often more affordable way to pay for your travels. By shopping around and comparing different lenders, you can find the perfect travel loan to make your dream vacation a reality.

Advantages of Travel Loan

Here are some advantages for opting a travel loan:

Financial Flexibility

Financial Flexibility:

Enjoy the freedom to plan your dream vacation without emptying your savings or dipping into emergency funds.

Attractive Interest Rates

Attractive Interest Rates:

Benefit from interest rates starting from 2% per month, making your trip more affordable in the long run.

Easy Approval

Easy Approval:

Apply with minimal paperwork and get your loan approved fast, so you can start booking your trip right away.

No Collateral Required

No Collateral Required

No need to worry about providing collateral; most travel loans are unsecured, simplifying the process for you.

Higher Loan Amounts

Higher Loan Amounts

Get up to ₹5 lakhs to cover all your travel expenses, whether you're planning a local getaway or an international adventure.

Build Credit History

Build Credit History:

Repaying your travel loan on time can boost your credit score, making it easier to get loans in the future.

Flexible Repayment Options

Flexible Repayment Options:

Choose a repayment plan that fits your budget, with terms that let you pay off the loan over 3 months to 36 months.



Experience the entire process digitally without ever having to step into a bank, making the process hassle-free.

In what ways can a travel loan benefit you?

It can be your ticket to unforgettable experiences without the financial strain. Imagine finally taking that dream trip to your dream destination, exploring historic cities and enjoying local cuisines, all without exhausting your savings. With a trip loan, you can spread the cost over manageable monthly payments, making budgeting easier. Planning a destination wedding? This financial solution can cover flights, accommodations and other expenses, ensuring your special day is perfect. Even spontaneous getaways become possible, giving you the freedom to say yes to last-minute adventures. Whether it's for relaxation, adventure or a special occasion, a travel loan turns your travel dreams into reality without financial stress.

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Travel Expenses
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Fibe personal loan and instant cash loan app

Why Choose Personal Loan for Travel from Fibe?

Thinking of a vacation but worried about expenses? Imagine being able to book that luxurious resort, experience thrilling adventures and savor exotic cuisines without constantly checking your wallet.

Choosing a loan for a holiday trip from Fibe can be the perfect solution. With Fibe, you can get up to ₹5 lakhs loan to fund your dream trip, making it easier to explore new destinations without stressing about finances. The application process is simple and quick, ensuring you get the funds you need without unnecessary delays. Fibe offers affordable travel loan interest rates, so you can enjoy your vacation without worrying about excessive costs. Plus, with flexible repayment options, you can choose a plan that fits your budget, making repayments manageable and convenient. Fibe travel loan emi calculator helps you to know the EMI amount beforehand to manage your finances well in advance. You can also apply for it even if you are ‘new to credit’ and close the loan at zero foreclosure charges without any penalty. 

Whether it's a solo trip, a romantic getaway or a family holiday, a personal loan from Fibe gives you the financial freedom to travel comfortably. So, why wait? Let Fibe help you focus on creating charitable memories and turn your travel dreams into reality.

How to Apply for a personal Loan to Travel?

Here’s how you can apply for a travel loan in India to make your travel dreams come true instantly:

  • Apply Online

    Fill out the application form in the comfort of your home

  • Documentation

    Submit a few basic KYC documents to proceed further

  • Quick Approval

    Once the application is reviewed, you will get an instant approval

  • Instant Cash in Bank

    Money will be transferred directly to your bank account in just 2 minutes

Eligibility & Documents Required for Travel Loan

To qualify and apply for a trip loan like this, Fibe has made the meeting eligibility criteria super simple.

Eligibility Criteria

Breakdown of how you can qualify:


You must be between the ages of 21 to 55 years.


A minimum monthly in-hand income of ₹15,000 in non-metro cities and ₹18,000 in metro cities is required.


You must be a resident of India.

Documents Required

List of documents required to apply:


A Selfie: Your picture in good lighting.


PAN card: Important document for identity verification.


Aadhaar card: Ensures the legality of your application.


Salary Slips (last 3 months) or Bank Statements (last 6 months): Shows your financial stability.

Use Our Travel loan EMI Calculator

Effectively manage your finances with the assistance of the Fibe EMI calculator. This tool is designed to help you project your monthly repayments for a personal loan of ₹4 lakh.

Your monthly instalment:
Total interest
Principal amount
Total amount

How Do Travel Loans Work?
It works like personal loans that are designed specifically for funding your trips. You apply for the loan, get instant approval and receive the funds to cover your travel expenses in minutes.

FAQs for Travel Loan

With a personal loan for travel, you can fund your adventures hassle-free. Whether it’s exploring new cultures or relaxing on a beach, get the funds you need with flexible repayment options.

A personal loan can be a good option for funding a vacation, offering flexibility in repayment and quick access to funds. Ensure to compare rates and terms for the best fit.

With Fibe, you can get a travel loan of up to ₹5 lakhs, ensuring your dream getaway is within reach. Enjoy quick approval, flexible repayment terms and affordable rates for a care-free travel financing experience.

Finance your vacation by saving in advance, using travel rewards or credit card points or applying for a travel loan. Prioritise budgeting and comparing options to maximise affordability and enjoyment.

Yes, you can take a loan for a holiday trip to fund your abroad visits as well. Secure financing with flexible terms, ensuring your travel dreams come true with ease and convenience.

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