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Social Worth Technologies Private Limited
Grievance Redressal Policy

We at Social Worth Technologies Private Limited,(hereinafter referred to as the 'Company') believe that customer service is an important imperative for sustained business growth and we strive to ensure that our customers receive exemplary service. We believe that Prompt and efficient service is essential for retaining existing relationships and customer satisfaction is the most critical aspect for us.

Customer complaints constitute an important voice of customer, and this policy details complaint handling through a structured grievance redressal framework. Complaint redressal is supported by a review mechanism, to minimize the recurrence of similar issues in future. Our Grievance Redressal policy follows the following principles:

  • Customers are treated fairly at all times
  • Complaints raised by customers are dealt with courtesy and in a timely manner
  • Customers are informed of avenues to escalate their complaints the organization, and their rights if they are not satisfied with the resolution of the complaints.
  • Complaints are treated efficiently and fairly.

Awareness of the Grievance Redressal mechanism

At Company, Customer Delight is our priority and we are committed to provide our customers Best in Class Experience. If Customers are happy with our services, we would love to hear from them. Similarly, customer feedback helps us strengthen things that we are doing well and at the same time improve on areas where we need to do better.

The customer can record their grievances / provide their feedback in writing or verbally. The customer can approach us to register a complaint through any of our service channels given hereunder and expect a response within 7 working days of complaint registration.

In case the customer does not receive a response within the number of days indicated below for each level or if the customer is dissatisfied with the response received from us, the customer may escalate the complaint to the next level.

The Grievance Redressal Mechanism:

  • How to lodge a complaint/where can a complaint be made
  • Any customer having a grievance/complaint/feedback with respect to the product and services offered by the Company may write to the Company through any of the following channels:

    □ Call at 020- 67639797

    □ Email- care@fibe.in

    □ You may write a letter at the address- 404, The Chambers, Viman Nagar, Pune -411014

    SACHET Portal: The customer can, if deemed fit, lodge a complaint by clicking the link :-  https://sachet.rbi.org.in

  • How a complaint should be made:
  • Customers are requested to necessarily provide necessary loan details i.e. Loan Account Number, Details of Feedback/ Suggestion/ Complaint and valid Contact Information including phone no. & e-mail ID, registered with the Company while availing the loan, while communicating.

  • When to expect a reply
  • The Company shall endeavor to address/respond to all queries/grievances within reasonable time and keep the customer in informed about the status of their complaints. Each customer query/ complaint being unique in nature, may take up to 7 working days for complete resolution after investigation, provided customer providing all the information required.

  • Whom to approach for redressal
  • Customers are requested to first raise their concerns through any of channels mentioned above. In case of delayed or no response from the respective channel within the specified timelines, such complaint may be escalated to the Nodal Officer of whose details are as given below:

    Name and Contact details of the Nodal Officer of the Company

    Name of the OfficerOffice AddressEmail id
    Mr. Abhiroop Khairnar404, The Chambers, Viman Nagar Pune, 411014.grievance@fibe.in

    The Grievance Redressal Official may be reached on the email id provided above. The Grievance Redressal Official shall endeavor to resolve the grievance within a period of 5 days from the date of receipt of a grievance.

  • Escalation to the Reserve Bank of India
  • Customers may refer to the Grievance Redressal Policy available on the website of the individual Lending Partners for redressal of any grievance or escalation to RBI.

    It shall be our constant endeavor to resolve all the customer complaints at our level and to keep all our customers satisfied.

Resolution of Grievance

The official Communication channel's (as specified above) post receiving the complaint is responsible for resolution of complaint/grievance to the customer's satisfaction. Every possible attempt will be made to offer the customer a suitable and appropriate alternate solution wherever possible. However, if the customer continues to remain dissatisfied with the resolution, he can escalate the issue through the grievance redressal mechanism, specified above.

Time Frame

Suitable timelines have been set for every complaint depending upon the investigations which would be involved in resolving the same. Complaints are suitably acknowledged on receipt and the customers are informed of delays if any, in the resolution.


We try our best to provide excellent service to all our customers. If you like the way we served you or just did something special, we would love to hear about it. This will encourage our employees to serve you better at all times.