IDBI Bank Statement Download Process: Important Steps to Know

  • Updated on: 22 Jan 2024
  • Published on: 1 Nov 2023
IDBI Bank Statement Download Process: Important Steps to Know

To get your IDBI Bank statement, download it online or offline effortlessly. Doing so enables you to monitor your expenses and manage your finances without hassles. The bank statement contains all the details about the transactions done through your account. As such, it is a crucial document that you should access regularly to stay on top of your finances. 

Additionally, getting the IDBI Bank statement PDF can serve as proof of income when you apply for a loan or want to access other financial services. Thankfully, you can get your latest IDBI Bank statement online or offline in just a few simple steps. 

Read on to know how to get your IDBI Bank statement online and offline, how to register for periodic e-statements and more. 

Download IDBI Bank Statements Online

You can opt for net banking, mobile app, or WhatsApp to get your IDBI Bank statement PDF online. Here are the steps you can follow for these modes:

  • Through Net Banking
    • Step 1: Go to the IDBI Bank net banking portal 
    • Step 2: Log in to your account with your user ID and password
    • Step 3: Go to ‘Operative Accounts’
    • Step 4: Check the list of accounts and balances
    • Step 5: Click on the three dots appearing next to the account balance 
    • Step 6: Click on the ‘Account Statement’ tab to generate an updated statement

After viewing your statement, you can save the file for a quick IDBI Bank statement download. Note that you can generate the statement for 183 days. That said, if you have not registered previously, you will need to do so by clicking on the ‘First Time User Register Now’ option.

  • Through mPassbook Mobile Banking App
    • Step 1: Download the IDBI mPassbook Mobile Banking App 
    • Step 2: Log in with your customer ID and mobile number 
    • Step 3: Enter the OTP from your registered mobile number
    • Step 4: Click on the ‘Proceed’ tab and access your account
    • Step 5: View your account statement and download it if needed

Remember, you can also use the mPassbook to get your bank statement account offline. Additionally, you can download the statement for the last 90 days only.

  • Through WhatsApp Banking
    • Step 1: Save the IDBI Bank WhatsApp number ‘8860045678’ on your mobile 
    • Step 2: Send ‘Hi’ through WhatsApp 
    • Step 3: Place a request for the service you want

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Generate IDBI Bank Statements Offline

The bank also gives you many convenient options to get your IDBI Bank statement offline. 

  • Mini-statement on SMS
    • Step 1: Open your SMS text box 
    • Step 2: Type TXN <space> CUSTOMER ID PIN <space> ACCOUNT NUMBER
    • Step 3: Send it to 9820346920 or 9821043718   
    • Step 4: Wait for the mini statement

Before sending the text, ensure you have registered for SMS banking services. If not, you can do so online or at the bank branch. 

  • Through Phone Banking

To get your IDBI Bank statement through phone banking, call the toll-free number at 18002094324 or 1800221070. You can also call 02267719100 to talk to a customer care representative, but a few charges may apply. IDBI Bank mobile banking services are open 24×7, so you can call customer care and request your updated statement via a call anytime.  

  • At the Bank

The most convenient method to get your account statement offline is by visiting your nearest IDBI Bank branch. You can request the bank to generate your statement for any preferred transaction period. After verifying your account details and customer ID, the bank will give you a physical copy of your statement.

IDBI Bank Account Statement Charges

IDBI Bank allows its customers a free monthly statement. However, if you need a duplicate of your bank statement, you must pay ₹100 for the statement generation. If you want the statement for more than a year, the charges for a duplicate statement are ₹300.

Considering these charges and the steps, you can choose the most convenient method. As mentioned, once you complete the IDBI bank statement download process for recent transactions, you can apply for many financial products online, including a personal loan

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FAQs on IDBI Bank Statements

How can I get my IDBI Bank statement by SMS?

To get your IDBI Bank mini statement by SMS, send TXN <space> CUSTOMER ID PIN <space> ACCOUNT NUMBER on 9820346920 or 9821043718. Once you send the SMS, you will receive the details for the last three transactions on your registered mobile number.

How can I download my IDBI Bank statement with a password?

To download a password-protected IDBI bank statement PDF, you can log in to your net banking account. You can also register your email ID for a monthly account statement to get a password-protected PDF statement. 

How can I download mPassbook from IDBI Bank?

You can download the IDBI Bank mPassbook App on Google Play Store if you are an Android user.


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