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These are the terms and conditions of Promotion (“T&C”) which apply to any competition, prize draw or promotion which may run, physically or online by mean Social Worth Technologies Private Limited and/or their NBFC Partners (collectively referred to as  “Fibe”) or on their websites or at premises of business partner or on their websites, social media platforms, on-air or otherwise (“Promotion”).

  • You stand the chance to win prizes as mentioned in detail in the Annexure A of this T&C (“Prize(s)”) once you become eligible Customer by availing a Loan from NBFC Partner on the month and year mentioned in the said Annexure A (“Promotional Month”).
  • The chance to win the Prizes shall be valid for a limited time only, decided at the Sole Discretion of Fibe. Each Promotion will start immediately (i.e. as soon as it is first promoted), unless a later start date/time is specified by Fibe and Fibe reserves the right to modify or cancel or stop it at any time.
  • For each Promotion, there will be only one grand prize winner unless otherwise specified.
  • You shall not be eligible for more than one Prize in a Promotional Month unless otherwise specified.
  • The Prize winner(s) will be selected at random at Sole Discretion of Fibe. This will be done by an automated process of Fibe and result shall be binding to all the eligible Customers.
  • If you win the Prize, Fibe will notify you accordingly after end date of the Promotion.
  • The Prize will be as described in the relevant Promotion and Annexure - A. Imagery may be for illustrative purposes only, and colours and other details may vary.
  • Each Prize is non-transferable, non-refundable and no cash alternative is available.
  • If necessary or appropriate, Prizes (or part thereof) might be varied or swapped for a suitable alternative which will be decided at the sole discretion of Fibe.
  • If you win the Prize but fail to claim the Prize or fail to provide necessary details within the time-limit notified or provide Fibe with incorrect or fraudulent information, then such Prizes may be provided to an alternative winner.
  • The Prize cannot be used in conjunction with other offers, promotions or prizes of Fibe.
  • If you win Prize, you may be required to take part in reasonable publicity.
  • Fibe may publish and publicize your name, image, social media handle and/or profile picture, and your entry with the Promotion and/or the Prizes, in any and all media, worldwide, in perpetuity, for publicity and PR purposes.
  • Fibe may carry out an interview with you either by telephone or in person and Fibe may film, record and/or photograph the interview and Fibe may use such film, recording and/or photograph(s) for publicity and PR purposes in any and all media, worldwide in perpetuity.
  • These T&C are in additions to the Agreement and other terms and conditions agreed/signed/accepted by you while availing the Loan with NBFC Partners.
  • Wining any Prize shall have no impact on your repayment obligation of any Loan availed or which might be availed by you in future.
  • Your entry or participation in Promotion and/or Prizes is at your own risk.
  • If you violate any of the Agreement or any terms and conditions agreed/signed/accepted by you, then Fibe receives the right to term you ineligible for such winning such Prizes.
  • Fibe reserves the right to update these T&C without prior notice.
  • All the winner shall be finally decided by Fibe at random at sole discretion and shall be binding upon you.
  • You understand the this is a lucky draw and this does not guarantee any Prizes or any other prize from Fibe or their Business Partner.
  • Any Prizes that might be won by you under this Promotion shall be subject to taxes and applicable laws. You shall be solely responsible for any taxes accrued on the Prizes that might be won by you. You shall also be solely responsible for abiding by any law that the applicable on you in case you win the Prizes.
  • The Promotion, and these terms and conditions, are governed by Indian law, and any disputes arising in connection with them shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Pune.
  • For all enquiries in relation to a Promotion or these terms and conditions, please contact at email id: support@fibe.in.


While redeeming a voucher/coupon, please click the applicable link to read specific offer details, and the Terms and Conditions of the Issuer.
These terms and conditions apply to those promotions where you must redeem a promotional code as part of the offer.

  • Each customer, at the sole discretion of Fibe might receive a voucher/coupon of a particular value.
  • The voucher/coupon shall be valid for a limited period the details of which shall be specified on the voucher issued.
  • Fibe at its sole discretion decide the customer eligibility which shall be specified in the offer.
  • The customer upon disbursal within the offer period at sole discretion of Fibe shall only be eligible for receiving such voucher/coupon.
  • Once the customer receives the voucher/coupon, he/she can use the voucher at venues allowed and detailed in the voucher/coupon.
  • The validity, and acceptability of the voucher/coupon shall be at the sole discretion of the issuer and Fibe shall not be liable for any operational issues.
  • Each voucher/coupon can be used only once unless otherwise specified.
  • The issuance of vouchers/coupons applies only to qualifying items. Details shall be specified in the promotion.
  • The issuance of voucher/coupon shall only be applicable when the customer avails the disbursement within the offer period.
  • The promotion is subject to all restrictions set forth in the offer.
  • The voucher/coupons may not be resold or redeemed for cash.
  • Only one promotional code can be used each time and therefore cannot be combined with other offers using promotional code.
  • Each Customer shall be eligible for only one promotional code.
  • Fibe shall at its sole discretion decide the time in which the voucher shall be delivered to the customer.
  • The customer agrees to be bound by Terms and Conditions of Fibe and the Merchant/Issuer of the Voucher/Coupon.
  • Processing fees shall be at sole discretion of the NBFC Partner and shall be specified in detail in the offer.
  • Fibe reserves the right to void the transactions where prohibited.

If you violate any of the Loan Agreement/Master T&C, the promotion will be invalid, and the offer can be withheld by Fibe.
Fibe reserves the right to update these terms and conditions without prior notice.