How to get your bank account statement as a PDF

  • Updated on: 31 Jan 2024
  • Published on: 22 Feb 2022
How to get your bank account statement as a PDF

It is crucial to know how to download a bank statement in a PDF format to track your spending and apply for a loan. You can get the following details from a bank statement:

  • Account owner’s name
  • Account number
  • Charges
  • Deposits
  • Withdrawals
  • Deductions

When choosing lenders like Fibe, you need to submit the statement in a PDF format when applying for instant cash loans or personal loans. To know more about how to get your account statement in a PDF format, read on. 

Download PDF of the Bank Statement on the Desktop

If an account holder uses Internet banking, the process of acquiring a PDF account statement on a desktop is simple. Regardless of which bank a user is associated with, the method is pretty much the same. Here’s the method to get an account statement: 

  • Visit the bank’s Internet Banking website
  • Log in to your net banking account with your username and password (You can register for an Online banking account in case you already don’t have one) 
  • Choose any one of these options: ‘Download e-Document’, ‘Bank account statement’ or ‘View transaction history’
  • Select the specific timeline
  • Tap on the ‘Download PDF’ option

Some banks do not have a download option, in which case you have to select the print option and then save it as a PDF 

Download PDF of the Bank Statement on Mobile

Banks and NBFCs generally send a PDF of your account statements monthly or quarterly on your email. You can follow these simple steps to access a bank statement on mobile:

  • Go to the email application on your mobile device
  • At the top of the application, click on the search bar
  • Add your bank’s name along with the term ‘bank statement’ and hit the search button
  • Get the required email and click on it to open it
  • Since bank statements are password-protected, enter the password to open the bank statement PDF

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Here’s the other important information you must know about PDF account statements:

  • Bank statements are emailed in a password-protected PDF format by default. If you can’t find it on your registered email, you can sign up to receive these periodical emails.
  • You get these statements in protected PDF formats, so there’s no need for any additional sign-up or information. However, make sure to include the password or decrypt the file before uploading it.

Here are some of the direct links to obtain a PDF account statement from popular banks.

Canara Bank Net BankingState Bank of IndiaHDFC Bank
Axis BankICICI Bank Personal BankingBank of Baroda Net Banking
PNB BankBandhan BankHSBC Online Banking
Indian Bank Central BankUnion Bank e-statement

You may now have understood what is a bank statement PDF and how you can access it. As mentioned above, it is an important piece of a document when applying for a loan. It allows lenders to ascertain your financials. 

Hence, you also require a bank statement when you apply for an Instant Loan of up to ₹5 lakhs on Fibe. Download the Fibe Personal Loan App to enjoy quick disbursals, a simple application process and minimal paperwork.

FAQs on How to Get Your Bank Account Statement

How do I get a PDF bank statement?

You can access your bank statement in the PDF format in the following ways:

  • Download it from the bank’s online portal
  • Download it through the mobile application
  • Contact your bank’s nearest branch 
  • Get in touch with their customer service number  

Can I get a bank statement online?

Yes, you can get a bank statement online in a PDF or zip format through the following channels: 

  • The bank’s online banking portal
  • The bank’s official mobile application

How can I get a bank statement without going to the bank?

All you have to do is follow any of these methods: 

  • Download this document online from the Internet banking portal 
  • Download the bank statement in a PDF format from the mobile application

Can I get a bank statement from a mobile app?

Yes, you can use your bank’s official mobile banking application to get access to the PDF format of your account statement.


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