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Manage all of life’s instant upgrades with Personal Loans from Fibe. Get up to ₹5 lakh in just 10 minutes.

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Personal Loans for All Your Needs

Whether it’s a last-minute travel plan or a medical emergency – a personal loan is an easy solution to all your financial needs. You can apply for a personal loan online without submitting physical paperwork. With over five lakh happy customers, Fibe is emerging as one of the top platforms for getting instant loans with a simple and safe application process.

Fibe is one of India’s trusted digital lending platforms where you can apply for a loan, get approval instantly and money will be disbursed within 10 minutes. Just check the eligibility criteria, credit limit on the Fibe app and get the cash credited to your bank account directly. With Fibe, you get benefits like quick disbursal, flexible tenure, minimal documentation and attractive interest rates.

Personal Loan Eligibility Criteria

Fibe offers the best personal loans with easy-to-meet eligibility criteria. Unlike other banks or non-bank financial corporations, in Fibe, you can apply for instant personal loans with minimal documentation.

Fibe is India’s trusted platform for seamless and secure loans. Applying for instant personal loans by logging into our official website or download the application.

Personal Loan Age Eligibility Criteria Logo - Fibe

Age: Between 21 and 55 years

Personal Loan Salary Eligibility Criteria Logo - Fibe

Metro cities: Minimum salary - ₹18,000

Non-metro cities: Minimum salary - ₹15,000

Personal Loan Residence Eligibility Criteria Logo - Fibe

Residence: Must be a resident of India

Documents Required for a Personal Loan

The online application process from Fibe is super easy and quick. The best part? You get a loan in 10 minutes. The documents required for a personal loan depend on one lender to another.

At Fibe, get personal loans easily by just uploading some basic documents as mentioned on the right.

Get your instant loan now!

A Selfie

Identity Proof

Passport/Aadhaar card/PAN card/driver's license

Address proof

Passport/a rental agreement/utility bills/voter’s ID

Proof of Income

Bank statements and salary stubs for the last 3 to 6 months

Personal Loan EMI Calculator

Skip the manual calculations. Use the Fibe EMI Calculator to accurately determine your repayment amounts, interest charges, and more.

Fibe's personal loan EMI calculator is your reliable tool to determine your loan EMI in just a few minutes and some simple steps. Fibe offers a loan amount of up to Rs 5 lakhs with minimal documentation and quick processing. Coupled with interest rates as low as Rs 9/day, this is by far your most compelling credit option in the market.

Calculate your monthly repayments based on your sanctioned loan amount and interest rates using this handy EMI calculator that operates and is easy to understand. With Fibe, you can even prepay your loan amount with no additional charges.

Your EMI Amount is



Loan Amount






Interest rate




Select EMI option

12 Months





How to get a Personal Loan?

Skip the queues and lengthy paperwork – Fibe Personal Loan helps simplify finance. Learn how to get a loan online by clicking on the read more tab.

Few simple steps and there you go:



Download the Fibe App or Register on the Website. Fill in the few Basic Details.


Get Instant Approval

Get approval in minutes. Once approved upload your KYC documents on the app.


Ready to Transfer

Once your KYC is in place, just select how much cash you want to transfer to your bank and you are set!

Why Choose a Personal Loan from Fibe?

  • Fibe seamlessly offers online personal loans. From instant approvals to quick disbursement, we’ve simplified finance for you.
  • No restrictions on usage of the loan amount: Unlike other loans, you are free to use the instant personal loan amount for any of your urgent requirements.
  • No collateral requirement: If you are applying for an online personal loan through Fibe, you don't need to pay or pledge security to get the loan.
  • Flexible repayment: You are free to choose the duration of the loan repayment, but the main product is an enhancement to the salary and can be availed for a month.
  • Attractive and reducing interest rates: A unique feature of Fibe is that it offers low-interest personal loans based on/without a credit score.
  • Borrow multiple times: Customers can borrow low-interest personal loans multiple times.

Flexible Loan Amount

Starting from ₹ 5000 to ₹ 5,00,000. Perfect for all your cash needs.

Fully Digital Journey

No long forms. No paper-work. Just fill in some details and get instant cash.

Available 24X7

Apply for repeat loans anytime of the day and get it transferred to your bank account.

Quick and Secure

With PCI DSS App based journey, getting a loan is easy, fast and secure.

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