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Personal Loan For Education

As a parent, enabling our children’s aspirations and careers, and perhaps most importantly - their learning, is often our biggest priority. If only the school fees shared the same sentiment! With the rise in school tuition expenses and overall cost of learning, we’re left seeking quality education without soaring education fees.

Presenting a new helpful, and convenient way to pay education fees without trouble - EMIs.

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Education: The Best Investment Money Can Make

Fibe understands the value you hold for quality education. Which is why we’re making it easier than ever to cover the cost of your fees. What better investment can anyone make than on education?

We launched our education loan service to serve you in your life’s most critical journey. Our education loans are here to take challenging financial burdens off your shoulders, while you invest to give yourself and your loved ones quality education, and the professional life of your dreams. With Fibe, this journey is uninhibited, and uninterrupted. Sign up now to get your hands on superfast quick education loans, powered by our partner Avanse.


Like all our other products, Fibe’s education loans too can be directly used to make your fee payments. Check if your institution is listed on our app and you can proceed directly to pay with your Fibe credit limit - which can be as high as Rs 5 lakhs. What’s more - no paperwork, a pay-as-you-use policy, and flexible repayments in 3 to 12 EMIs make ours the leading education loan program in the country!

Give yourself the success you deserve, with Fibe’s education loans.

Ease of Use

Transfer the fees from your credit limit directly to the institution where you want to pay the fees. Pay as you use. Zero paperwork.

Get Up To ₹5 Lakhs

You can avail up to ₹5,00,000 to pay school fees depending on your eligibility

Flexible Repayments

Choose between 3 to 12 EMIs as repayment option. No prepayment charges.

Wide range of Tie-ups

Tie ups with educational and skill upgradation firms such as Extramarks, Toppr, Pearson and others.

How to get Education Fees


Apply for Education loan

Once you have an approved Fibe limit, select "Education Fees on EMi" as an option to use your limit to pay education fees.


Select EMI option

Select from 3 to 12 EMIs as repayment options


Direct transfer to the institute

Select the institute from the available partner list to transfer the amount directly.

Eligibility Criteria

Fibe’s education loans are meant for everyone. Which is why they feature immensely relaxed eligibility criteria - such as no minimum credit score requirements, a broad age eligibility range, and room for low income.

All you need to be eligible for an Fibe education loan are →

Eligibility Criteria - Age limit Logo - Fibe

Must be above 21 years and below 55 years of age

Eligibility Criteria - Salaried Personal Logo - Fibe

Salaried individuals with a minimum salary of ₹18,000 (Metro Cities) and ₹15,000 (Non-metros)

Eligibility Criteria - Indian Citizen Logo - Fibe

Must be a resident of India

Featured In

The industry recognizes us as much as our customers love us! And so, Fibe has been featured in multiple leading publications, documenting our efforts in making credit accessible to you!

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