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An air conditioning unit is more than a necessity in a country like India, where the climate revolves around hot, hotter and hottest throughout the year. Especially with global warming and the current trends of ever rising temperatures, getting yourselves an air conditioning unit is an absolute must. Like most good things available in the market, an air conditioning unit can be quite expensive, and would take away a major chunk of your salary. You don’t have to anymore thanks to Fibe’s AC loan app, helping you get your AC unit now, and pay for it later, at your convenience!

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Looking for an Air Conditioner Loan?

Summers in India are quite difficult. With the temperatures as hot as inside a microwave oven, the days and the nights in India are quite difficult to manage. Buying an air conditioning unit would be the obvious solution, but they are quite expensive, and will take a major portion of your salary to buy one. Usually, this would cause a lot of worry, and sometimes, you might decide to live in discomfort and bear through the difficulties. Usually. This will not be the case anymore with the help of Fibe’s instant AC loan app, rated India’s best instant loan for air conditioners online for salaried professionals. Avail yourselves a quick, hassle-free loan with interest as low as INR 9 a day, with a flexible repayment schedule, and easy EMIs. Don’t worry, there are no hidden charges or prepayment penalties, and you can always keep track of your repayment status. Download the app now!

Features for Personal Loan

Our cash disbursement process backed by PCI DSS app is highly secure. We provide 24×7 service where repeat loans can be applied anytime of the day.

  • Instant service with an amount ranging between Rs.8000 - Rs.5,00,000
  • Flexible tenure of repayment from 90 to 730 days
  • Affordable interest rates as low as Rs.9/day for Rs.10,000
  • No prepayment and foreclosure charges are levelled
  • No questions are asked regarding the need for money and no restrictions are applied on its usage

How to Apply for Personal Loan

Not just cash, you can use your Fibe limit to do more.

How to Apply for Personal Loan - Fibe

How to Apply for Personal Loan

Not just cash, you can use your Fibe limit to do more.

Click “Start your Application” Button

Fill the information required

After approval , we’ll ask you to complete your KYC documentation online.

No annual or renewal fees

Prepay anytime at no extra cost

How to Apply for Personal Loan - Fibe

Eligibility for personal loan

In order to get a personal loan, one should pass the following eligibility criteria-

Applicant must be a citizen of India

Applicant must be above 21 years and below 55 years of age

Applicants must be a salaried individual with a minimum salary of Rs.18,000.

Document Required

With an aim of providing hassle free loan procedure, minimum documentation is required to avail a loan. Along with 1 passport size photo and PAN card, an applicant needs to provide any of the following KYC documents as a proof of address.

Aadhar front + Aadhar back

Driving license front + Driving license back

Passport front + Passport back

Voter ID front + Voter ID back

For a quick procedure ensure that all the documents are uploaded in a pdf format and are self-attested.

Personal Loan EMI calculator

Skip the manual calculations. Use the Fibe EMI Calculator to accurately determine your repayment amounts, interest charges, and more.

Fibe's personal loan EMI calculator is your reliable tool to determine your loan EMI in just a few minutes and some simple steps. Fibe offers personal loan of up to Rs 5 lakhs with minimal documentation and quick processing. Coupled with interest rates as low as Rs 9/day, this is by far your most compelling credit option in the market. Calculate your monthly repayments based on your sanctioned loan amount and interest rates using this handy EMI calculator that's operate and easy to understand. With Fibe, you can even prepay your loan amount with no additional charges.

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