With Zero-cost EMIs, Shopping has never been easier!

  • Updated on: 22 Jan 2024
  • Published on: 21 May 2019
With Zero-cost EMIs, Shopping has never been easier!

Consumerism is at its peak, globally. Sales are no longer restricted to the festive seasons. With e-commerce portals announcing significant discounts almost all the time, turning away is not an option. Print and digital media are flooded with the best ever online sales, and almost everything you want is cheaper than ever. From clothing to accessories and from electronics to groceries, you ask for it, and they have discounted it. You just cannot ignore it.

We all browse to hunt down the best deal. However, do you end up leaving items in the cart or remove items during checkout because of a cash crunch? Shopping needs a reasonable budget, and sometimes we give in to our desires, affecting our monthly budget. Whatever the reason behind your money hues be, there is one feasible borrowing option available 24*7, and that is EarlySalary’s collateral free instant cash loan.

Any salaried individual can avail an online personal loan through EarlySalary’s app. Zero cost EMIs allow individuals to buy a host of products by making nominal changes to their budget. Given the possibility of the higher inflation rate and unexpected expenditures, paying in EMIs is a smarter choice as this way you don’t block cash.

Unique Features of EarlySalary’s Instant Cash Loans

  1. Easy Application and Disbursal

Sales on your favourite item are available only for a small window, which is where quick loans come handy as they are fast in disbursal. You have to upload your address and identity proof with the bank statement of the last three months on the app. The loan will be disbursed within 8 to 24 hours of your application. The process is entirely online and hassle-free.

2.Spending Freedom

Technology is ever-changing, and given our growing dependence on it, the need to switch and upgrade is imperative. From getting brand new kitchen appliances for your mother or wife to buying new gadgets for yourself and to gifting your loved ones, an instant cash loan can be used for any purpose.

3.No Collateral required A common man may not have a property but certainly has desires. This point makes a cash loan an ideal option for those who do not have a security. There is no need to put any of your assets on a lien or submit any paperwork.

4.Zero-Cost EMIs

An instant cash loan is an affordable short-term loan. With EarlySalary, you can shop for your favourite product on Amazon and pay in 3 EMI at zero extra cost. You can also repay in 6 EMIs with a nominal charge of Rs 500. What’s even better is that all EarlySalary users can avail exclusive offers in Amazon sales.

3 Reasons to Shop with EarlySalary’s Cash Advance

  1. Ease of Buying

Online shopping has never been easier. EarlySalary’s tie-ups with e-commerce giant Amazon, retail giant Future group’s BigBazaar, etc., have made online shopping more convenient. Once you have an approved credit limit, you can get it fully or partially transferred to your Amazon pay within the EarlySalary app.

Similarly,  EarlySalary transfers credit to your Future pay wallet. This credit can be used to shop at any Big Bazaar store. You can repay in 3 EMIs at zero extra cost.

2. Attractive Offers

Online offers are great but what if you get exclusive discounts too? All EarlySalary users get additional offers such as cash back, flat off, up to off, coupons, etc. when they shop online.


Cash crunch may restrict the choices you have and force you to settle for less. However, with EarlySalary’s tie-ups with major retailers like BigBazar, you get a wide range of options to choose from. You can shop across brands at the comfort of your home, office or cab online or through apps.
So be an intelligent shopper, save more with zero-cost EMIs and shop even more. The next time your cart is full, but the wallet is not, get a SalaryAdvance from Fibe and improve your lifestyle.


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