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App-based Salary Advances – The new way to approach your end-of-month blues

  • Updated on: 26 Dec 2023
  • Published on: 10 May 2019
App-based Salary Advances – The new way to approach your end-of-month blues

Payday is great! You’re all pumped up with the replenished account balance and ready to celebrate with gourmet meals, shopping, a new Marvel movie, and more. It’s finally that time when you can move items from the wishlist to the cart and tick items in your bucket list. Pause.

But, it’s also time to face some facts. Well, you may not want to, but the celebration may not last until the next payday despite conscious budgeting. As we approach the month-end, a sinking feeling outstrips your joy and slams you with the bill you forgot to account for. No doubt it hits hard, but this may just be the beginning of the month-end money crunch if a financial emergency crops up. After all, misfortunes never come alone. Your paltry balance after overspending may pinch you with fuel refills, medical emergency, last-minute travel plans, repairs, etc.

Let’s weigh your options

  1. Beg, Borrow, Liquidate: Undoubtedly, borrowing is the easiest option but may also be the most embarrassing. What’s worse is that your potential lenders, too, might be in a similar situation. You might not want to ask your parents because they have already given you a significant chunk of their savings for your top-notch MBA degree (or similar). This is fair because it might only burden them more. Liquidation may not be viable if the bears dominate the market.
  2. Ask the Employer: Some organizations have a policy for an early paycheck. However, this is subject to several conditions and one may not be even eligible for this during the probation period. Also, it depends on your designation and purpose.
  3. Personal Loan/Credit Card: Rigid repayment terms and payment failures may reduce your credit score. This negatively impacts your future borrowing capacity. Another challenge is the requirement of a high credit score. None of us have a decent credit score at the outset of our professional career. You may not be eligible for a personal loan or may have an insufficient and low credit limit.

Are you already on the horns of a dilemma? Don’t fret, this isn’t a Hobson’s choice!

What should you choose?

There is one hassle-free option that ranks better than all the options above and can allay your month-end money problems in a day. The best option available to all salaried individuals is a short-term, collateral-free instant salary advance. This option will save you from the embarrassment of asking friends and relatives and also the exorbitantly high interest rate on other available options. Salary advance apps like Fibe offer the benefits of quick loans, available 24*7 through the Fibe app. It can be availed by all salaried professionals even with a low credit score.

Why only EarlySalary’s SalaryAdvance?

⇒ Low-interest rate

A Salary Advance is a cost-effective solution to cover your month-end financial problems. In fact, there are no hidden charges, you’ll only be charged for the number of days you use the money. You can prepay the entire amount without prepayment charges.

⇒ Flexible Repayment Terms

Fibe’s Salary Advance can be used for any purpose, and this includes your rejuvenating spa too. You can repay in easy EMIs over a period varying from one month to one year.

⇒ Zero Paperwork, Quick Disbursal

Just download the app, upload the bank statements of last 3 months, address and identity proof and voila, your application is all set for approval. EarlySalary disburses loans within 8 to 24 hours of online documentation and approval.

Don’t miss a big sale or bail out on that road-trip with your friends over the weekend and just wind-down. You deserve it. So, all you cash-strapped professionals, take an instant salary advance, ward off the end-of-month blues and stay in high spirits!


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