What Will The Talent Market Look Like Post COVID-19?

  • Updated on: 10 Apr 2023
  • Published on: 13 Apr 2020
What Will The Talent Market Look Like Post COVID-19?

Since the outbreak of the COVID-19, it is not just the hospitals that have been gripped by the pandemic. Millions of jobs have been staggered due to the nationwide lockdown. The overall job market is set to undergo changes post normalization and find new ways to attract, hire and retain new talent. Traditional human resources management is already showing signs of trouble as the economy slows, businesses struggle to survive, let alone scale and brave the needs of the new post-COVID-19 world. 

While organizations like Fibe took preemptive measures to combat COVID-19 before the lockdown, we’re now well past that stage and seem to be planning for a return to normalcy. How will organizations manage their talent once this is behind us? How will the talent market look?
To close the gaps between new business needs and talent management, new virtual recruiting and AI-based talent management platforms would be pivotal for their organization architectures. Read on to find how everything from talent acquisition to management would change to battle strategic challenges for the road ahead. 

  • Virtual Talent Acquisition Processes

New talent acquisition processes may become the norm. Every process, from uploading, resumes to using artificial intelligence for profile and job matches in real-time may be conducted online. Machine learning algorithms could be optimized to immediately see the highest quality match, evaluate performance, minimize bias and save recruiters’ time put in the drudgery. 
Organizations may soon develop a specific talent community to provide tools for seeking the best-qualified candidates for open positions. Dashboard based recruitment launch, tracking to measure candidates’ experiences and assess what’s going well and the aspects that need to improve may be used. Your employees will now define your corporate and employer brand after the pandemic is over. If you’ve prioritized employee experience today, you should be able to attract candidates when it’s time to hire en masse again. 

  • Workforce Planning

Most organizations find it challenging to find agile individuals from their talent pool to accommodate new profiles. The talent market post-COVID-19 would now have to use resources to improve themselves and the quality of staff to move up the line management ladder. Those who have been with the same organization may need a cross job rotation. The ‘push resources’ strategy may be replaced by the pull talent and knowledge to remove inefficiencies amidst the uncertainty.
The talent demand is set to fall. However, the saving grace is the potential demand for multitaskers. It is critical for all employees to stay updated in the rapidly changing situation. Be proactive, reach out to your leaders and know their expectations. Effective communication is the key to embrace the “trend” of flexibility. 

  • Establishing Fresh Team Guidelines

With the unpreceded lockdown, remote work may have changed employees’ working style. And when teams are back, the need to empower them to adapt to their conflicting time demands will be high. Organizations could adapt to these needs by empowering employees with new tech, and cross-training employees to indicate that remote working is here to stay. 
Change is the only constant. However, potentially, people may not be willing to change their location because of the social chaos right now. You need to get the pulse of the business and put it before your team. 

Final Thoughts

The real winners in the talent market would be those who can remotely distribute work and excel at it. A new talent intelligence platform is needed to improve end-to-end visibility and personalization at scale. The future of the talent market would be focussed on internal talent mobilization. There would be projects that pertain to specific skills and abilities jobs that would be designed around the dynamic business needs to align people skills and extensive knowledge with the task at hand. Corporates too would have to initiate value-creating profiles to be on a war footing and survive in the long run and to develop talent.

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