What Will HR Look Like in The Next Decade?

  • Updated on: 10 Apr 2023
  • Published on: 26 Dec 2019
What Will HR Look Like in The Next Decade?

The Human Resource department plays a very crucial role as a manager, mediator and recruiter, among other job functions. The rapid pace with which the corporate future and business laws are changing it is natural for the HR to adapt and evolve as well.

Globally, leaders are constantly sharpening to keep the competitive edge and the HR plays a huge role in recruiting and managing top talent to build an efficient workforce for the future. HR functions of the future will experience a great shift, here are a few of the paths the career is going to take in the next decade:

Technology and Analytics

Today’s employers face interesting challenges as they transition deeper into their digital infrastructure that is transforming business functions. It makes for an evolutionary tact for HR departments to use new developments to their advantage.

Basic HR functions like interviewing and testing a job candidate, tracking statuses, solving employee grievances, and many other simple tasks are now being taken over by tools that provide personalised assistance. So, when a worker needs to enquire how many sick or vacation days they have remaining or what procedures the company’s health insurance plan covers, they can rely on the automated chatbots for a personalised conversation to resolve their queries.

Freed from such mundane tasks, the HR will have more time to move into strategic planning. The role of the HR in the future would be fully utilised at this juncture, when they can use the data to analyse the queries and challenges posed to the computer assistants. This digital integration can help HR to assess employee retention, recruitment, business strategies or successful financial wellness programs

Focus on the Human Resource

The emergence of tech doesn’t mean that humans will be out of the HR equation. Embracing technology gives better insights to focus on the individuals, enhancing recruitment and retention as well. Tech is capable of bringing a level of intelligence to HR that would be capable of ensuring better execution of business strategies and mitigating risks.

Ready For The Evolution Of Workforce

The HR’s primarily responsible for the workforce, and the new workforce of 2025 will not only include full time employees, but also transient workers and gig workers who work on a daily or project basis. The HR function should also be ready to tackle challenges that automation may face. Reskilling those employees who were affected by automation while analysing which tasks that can be automated in the organisation would also be a role undertaken in the future.

Create attractive benefits package

Talent sourcing is an important HR goal, and essential to stay competitive. Post hiring, retaining that talent in the fast-paced industry is all about culture, job satisfaction, and benefits packages.

Modern times require modern solutions. Recruitment marketing in the future could witness a slew of benefits that appeal to the modern day worker like parental leave, caregiver leave, personalised financial wellness programs which are now available on Fibe.

A happy, motivated workforce is the key to productivity, and understanding what benefits drive the people is the job of the HR. Events and workshops, on-demand training and focus on holistic employee wellbeing should be served as a top priority.

Updating with HR certifications

Automation not only impacts the workforce but will also some functions of HR. Hence, it is essential to  expand domain knowledge and upgrade the skill set if the function is to evolve and grow. Consider this 2018 PayScale survey, which found that certification increased the odds of being promoted within five years.

In the near future, HR leaders will be primed to administer business strategies and decisions, where they will help make those decisions as trusted workforce advisors. The evolution of HR at a workforce is a parallel necessity for smooth transition into new agile organisational structures of the future.


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