Buy Now Pay Later | Upgrade Your Wardrobe According To The Trend With EarlySalary

  • Updated on: 3 Jan 2024
  • Published on: 20 Sep 2021
Buy Now Pay Later | Upgrade Your Wardrobe According To The Trend  With EarlySalary

Highlight: Here are some fashion trends popular in 2021 that you should try to upgrade your wardrobe and pay off later with Fibe’s personal loan.

The best fashion trends are those that feel comfortable to wear while still appearing to have made just enough effort to do whatever you do during these strange, strange days and nights. Whether it’s daily Zoom meetings and a few necessary errands, the occasional outdoor dinner, weekend park outings, or in-person work, we could all benefit from clothing that makes us feel at ease and comfortable.

We’re all guilty of making poor wardrobe decisions, from hanging on to old clothes that never get worn to panic buying items that won’t get more than one outing. But this does not have to be the case.

Here, we break down some wardrobe resolutions to make right now so you can make space and look your best.

Tractor-inspired boots

From Balenciaga to Zara, it appears that every designer and retailer is taking cues from the humble tractor boot, which had a massive surge in  2021 and will only become more widespread next year. It’s a current fashion trend with an almost comically rounded toe and a thick, rugged sole that looks equally at home under a long dress or a super-short skirt as it does with slouchy sweatpants or leggings. Consider this one of the current fashion trends that is worthwhile to invest in.

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Candy-colored sweatpants

Few things can replace your favorite pair of worn-in heather grey and black sweatpants, but demand for sweatpants in a variety of colors, including pastels and juicy bolds, was high this year, a year defined by couch clothing. It’s probably because, once we felt comfortable enough to step outside again, our commitment to comfort didn’t waver, but we still wanted to shop for and wear items that were a little more fun than what typical colored sweatpants imply.

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Brushed plaid “shackets” are a hybrid of a shirt and a jacket and are one of the current fashion trends that can be worn anywhere, at any time. They’re heavier than a flannel shirt but not as bulky as a full-on coat, making them ideal for running. They also go well with almost everything you already own, from sweatpants to turtlenecks.

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Boiler suits

This one-and-done hero piece has appeared on the runway as well as in your favorite affordable stores this year. It’s simple, cool, and takes the stress out of choosing pants and a shirt because we all have enough on our minds right now. Pro tip: For a more seasonal look, layer a turtleneck underneath.

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Tiger print

Tiger stripes appear on everything this year, from cozy knit sweaters and boxy overcoats to prim blouses and dresses for when you need a break from sweatshirts and elastic waists.

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Trench coat

A classic trench coat is the ultimate between-seasons outerwear. There hasn’t been a fashion season that hasn’t seen the trench make an appearance, and the most recent shows were no exception.

With its perennially stylish military cut, the trench coat has been a fashion staple since the First World War. The Gabardine fabric also makes the casual trench ideal for rainy days.

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Mesh shirts

Mesh tops have taken over the fashion world in 2021. This style, known as the ‘second-skin’ trend, grazes on your body so much that it may as well be a second layer of skin.

No matter the season, the fashion trend is a wardrobe must-have. There are numerous ways to style sheer blouses, sheer shirts, and sheer underlays.

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Getting a shopping loan

Shopping is closely associated with positive emotions in us. We always remember the important things to buy while window shopping. You may occasionally run out of funds to replace your old appliances. A personal loan for shopping is a great help in enabling you to buy whatever you want right now while paying off your debts later. The most valued services provided to a customer are instant loan disbursement and getting your loan approved as soon as possible. This has made things easier than they were previously.

Our bank account may not support us, but Fibe (Formerly EarlySalary) will – with no-cost EMI options to make our purchase easier and faster. We don’t have to put off saving any longer. 

EarlySalary, in collaboration with the country’s leading online retailers – Amazon and Flipkart – brings affordable shopping to your smartphone. Your loan amount is available for use directly through your Amazon Pay account or Flipkart wallet. In addition, as an Fibe customer, you will receive exclusive discounts during sales. Furthermore, the usual benefits apply, including no paperwork, a pay-as-you-use policy, and flexible repayments in 3 to 6 EMIs.

You can read about the tips and tricks to get an instant personal loan before applying for one.

Happy Shopping with Fibe experience now!

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