Travel Alone In-Budget: 10 Offbeat Destinations For Solo Travelers

  • Updated on: 5 Mar 2024
  • Published on: 19 Nov 2021
Travel Alone In-Budget: 10 Offbeat Destinations For Solo Travelers

Highlight:  The ten destinations we will talk about in this article aren’t just beautiful but budget-friendly. Read on to mark the places where you can next go to quench your wanderlust and not worry about emptying your pockets.

“Investment in travel is an investment in yourself.” No truer words have ever been spoken. All of us have been on trips with our friends and families. But how many of us have ventured solo to exciting destinations?

Traveling alone is an enriching and enlightening experience in itself. You meet new people, make your own decisions, and the best part; not having to squabble about what to eat for dinner! While some are first-timers, most solo travelers usually love to visit new offbeat places to spend quality time with themselves. Sounds like a vision, isn’t it?

Solo travel is slowly becoming a trend among the youth in India. Popular as ‘singles vacations’ or ‘holiday for singles’, these solo trips have become a self-discovering experience for the young-salaried class that doesn’t shy away from living their extra life on EMIs. Many online credit options, such as personal loans and salary advances, come to the rescue when you plan such trips impromptu or are short on cash. 

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Vacations and traveling require some planning and finance to begin with and often fall heavy on your pockets. But the ten destinations we will talk about in this article aren’t just beautiful but budget-friendly too. Read on to mark the places where you can next go to quench your wanderlust and not worry about emptying your pockets. 

#1  Daman and Diu

Destinations For Solo Travelers

Are you tired of those canceled Goa plans? Don’t wait anymore. Walk on the golden beaches and enjoy the tranquility Daman and Diu has to offer Its lush palm trees, and colonial monuments won’t fail to calm your senses. Activities such as water sports and horseback riding are also available for adventure lovers.

Best Time to Visit: October to March

#2 Pushkar

Destinations For Solo Travelers

Located in the Ajmer district of Rajasthan, Pushkar is a small city famous for its annual camel fair where cattle, horses, and camels are traded. Take back the essence of the famed Pushkar rose with you from “the rose garden of Rajasthan.” 

It is rich in mythological history and has a legacy of ageless architectural heritage. You can also visit Jagatpita Brahma Mandir, one of the prominent Lord Brahma temples.

Best Time to Visit: October to March

#3 Kodaikanal

Destinations For Solo Travelers

Kodaikanal, a hill station in Tamil Nadu, is set amidst granite cliffs, forested valleys, lakes, waterfalls, and grassy hills. It is a scenic and calm place that all mountain lovers would love to visit.

In Tamil, Kodaikanal means” gift of the forest.” The unsurpassed beauty of the Princess of the Hills indeed feels like a prize in the eyes of the beholder. Row a boat, hike, or cycle around the 5K Lake Road path; the choice is up to you while traveling solo *wink*!

Best Time to Visit: April to June

#4 Gokarna

Gokarna is located on the shores of the Arabian Sea in the state of Karnataka. Home to the popular sacred locations such as Mahabaleshwar Temple, this small town attracts several Hindu pilgrims. Take a bathe in Koti Teertha, a temple tank reserved for devotees, or roam around palm-lined Gokarna, Kudle, and Om beaches. You can also go flea shopping to splurge without emptying your pockets!

Best Time to Visit: October to March

#5 Itanagar

Destinations For Solo Travelers

Set in the Himalayan foothills, Itanagar is known for its scenic beauty, Buddhist culture, distinct heritage, and delectable Arunachalese cuisine. The wilderness of Arunachal Pradesh is home to a diverse range of flora and animals, including more than 500kinds of orchid and the state bird, the magnificent  Great Indian Hornbill. 

If you’re visiting Itanagar between September and December, you might want to include the Ziro Festival of Music, a well-known annual cultural spectacle.

Best Time to Visit: October to April

#6 Hampi

The historical town of Hampi, once the capital of the powerful Vijayanagara Dynasty, is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The ruins of Hampi date back to 1500 AD. Virupaksha Temple, Vithala Temple, Nandi Statue, and Lotus Mahal are among the must-see attractions.

Take a stroll through the temple village or hop on a bike and ride through the magnificent structures to learn more about the ruins.

Best Time to Visit: October to February

#7 Alleppey

Venice in Italy? No. Venice in India? Yes!

“Venice of the East” or Alleppey is located in the center of Kerala’s huge network of waterways. Stay amidst the legendary Kerala backwaters in their grandeur in overnight houseboat trips. 

Take a day off and float through the gorgeous backwaters, occasionally stopping at a small village along the way for a glass of toddy before continuing your journey forward through the vast networks of canals.

Best Time to Visit: September to March

#8 Varanasi

Varanasi, Benaras, or just Kashi—this ultimate Hindu pilgrimage destination is known by many names to us. Pilgrims flock to Varanasi, one of Hinduism’s holiest towns, to wash away their sins in the Ganges, pay obeisance to God on one of the city’s numerous ghats, immerse ashes in the Ganges, or die here, hoping to achieve Nirvana—liberation from the cycle of rebirth.

Whether you’re a religious pilgrim or not, Varanasi offers a look into a world that has been stuck in time.

Best Time to Visit: November to February

#9 Kurseong

Source: Holidify

Kurseong is a small hill town located in the Darjeeling district of West Bengal. It is also known as the Land of White Orchids. The area becomes foggy and rainy during the monsoons, making it a great destination for vacationers seeking a romantic environment. 

Take a stroll around the tea plantations or visit old churches and buildings from the British era. On most days, the sky is a rainbow of colors, reminiscent of a painter’s pallet.

Best Time to Visit: March to June

#10 Aru Valley

Aru valley is a tourist spot located 12 kilometers from Pahalgam, Kashmir. Being less crowded, it is a perfect place for people who love to be surrounded by magnificent meadows, breathtaking lakes, and mountains. A variety of outdoor activities are also available, including skiing and helicopter skiing.

You can also enjoy horseback riding or fishing in the Aru River or spend a relaxing day in the magnificent hills sightseeing, taking photos, and perhaps having a modest picnic while admiring the scenery.

Best time to visit: July to September 

A look at these serene destinations can make the heart of any solo traveler beat faster with excitement. Don’t let finance be a constraint in your travel plans. Apply for an Instant Loan with Fibe or grab an Fibe card to sort all your travel worries.

What are you waiting for? Plan your solo trip to these breathtaking destinations and find yourself again! 

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