Transcend Boundaries, Straighten Finance: #YouGotThePower

  • Updated on: 25 Apr 2023
  • Published on: 6 Mar 2021
Transcend Boundaries, Straighten Finance: #YouGotThePower

From juggling household errands and office chores, from being a daughter to a sister to a wife to being a mama, she goes around heroically vanquishing every barrier in her path. 

This Women’s Day, as we commence our campaign to applaud “her”, we urge you to join hands with us, to empower, exemplify, educate and encourage women. Let’s whirl our words “#YouGotThePower” into a thunderous voice.

Since forever and a day, the survival of the fittest has persisted. In this epoch of materialism, none can deny that money keeps you at par with those around you.

Why women have got to appear at the financial forefront

Priyanka Chopra Jonas put it just right- “No matter where you go in life or who you get married to, you have to be financially independent – whether you use it or not.”

How many times have you canceled taking off on that holiday or buying that costly dress you couldn’t take your eyes off of or held yourself back from splurging on that beauty or hair treatment? 

Well, we got good news. You don’t have to worry about shopping on Amazon, or scheduling the voyage on MakemyTrip as we at Fibe let you directly spend money there!

If you crave to revisit or undertake to study something you have often wanted to, but the packed finances constrain you, our education loans are just the answer.

As we age, with the lines on our faces, our healthcare needs arise. With the government supplying tax advantages to women who invest, it’s time for the females to talk money.

Being a caregiver shouldn’t restrict you from spending on yourself or saving for trying times. Did you too overlook the fact that women presently control up to 85% of household spending? That puts them on the map as they are in charge of more than $5 trillion, in the United States alone.

What do the stats say?

In India, the average male life expectancy is 67.4 years while the female is 70.2 years. 

Post-retirement, or even now, women have more expenses to take care of.

If the husband, unfortunately, passes away earlier, we would hate for you to stumble with finances. With family assistance diminishing in present times, it is now on women to take their care in the later years of life. Women have been kept miles away from taking decisions, especially monetary since times unknown. This has continued even after Independence.

One-stop solution

At EarlySalary, we believe in doing our bit for the goddesses we commonly forget to revere.

Every woman out there is entitled to know her net worth. With zero prepayment charges and loans up to ₹ 5 lacs, we have your backs. 

Nervous about the hassle of paperwork, standing in line, and numerous visits to the bank? What if we tell you that you can apply in just 10 minutes? Yes. What’s more, is, you can rapidly transfer to and from your bank account, with a couple of taps on the screen!

Now if you don’t want a loan right away, wouldn’t it still be good to have some in store for a mishap?

In case you are wondering, our signing-up process is as simple as it gets. Within 10 minutes of downloading the app, you can transfer that currency to your bank.

Here’s how. Register with your mobile number, fill in the deets and as soon as you get the approved limit, you are good to go! 

You no longer have to depend on your husband or your salary as we let you pay your child’s school fee in EMIs too! The cherry on top is that low-cost EMIs are available on travel and shopping loans too, as we attempt to give you wings to fly!

As soon as the pandemic’s over (or even if not) and you feel like swiping a card at the salon or your favorite restaurant, we have for you, the salarycard! Acceptable pan India, with adjustable EMIs on every transaction and no renewal or prepayment fee this is surely the best gift you will have ever received!

With ever-increasing responsibilities and even the simplest of things costing us all money, why not let the woman (or men) in your life, feel being looked out for? And what’s better than this International Women’s day to express how much you adore her? For the women reading this, it’s time you call the shots.

Cheers to the new horizons of womanhood!

Happy Women’s Day from ours to you and yours!

Download the instant loan app here, or log in to our website and be a part of the #OneSmallStep experience.


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