Top online UPI payment apps in India 2023

Published on: 28 June 2023

Top online UPI payment apps in India 2023

The year 2022 has witnessed a tremendous increase in the volume of digital payments, with India topping the global rankings. There were approximately 89.5 million digital transactions in the country and India accounted for around 46% of real-time payments on a global level! Thus, this comes as a surprise that we are at the forefront of digital transactions in terms of both value and volume.

As India manages to dominate the digital payment landscape, the nation has also witnessed a magnificent transformation in the number of online payment apps available today. These mobile-based applications allow users to initiate or receive payments through a 100% digital mode without the need to use paper currency.

Backed by the robust UPI or Unified Payments Interface, you can either send or receive money instantly. You may even scan the QR or Quick Response code to pay a merchant when you purchase products. All it takes is a single tap and you can execute cashless transactions from your smartphone instantly.

Check out a few popular payment apps in India, along with their features, to choose the best one.

4 Top online payment apps in India

Google Pay (GPay)

One of the leading payment apps in India, Google Pay helps you initiate quick transactions. The app has a user-friendly interface and offers a plethora of additional services that can help you execute bank transactions instantly. Backed by multiple security features, this payment app is supported by a diverse range of banks, increasing its versatility. 

Here are some stand-out features of this online payment app:

  • Intuitive and simple interface that enables even a novice to use this payment app easily
  • Helps execute transactions directly from your primary/secondary bank account
  • Ideal for transferring money, paying utility bills, recharging your mobile and more
  • Rolls out exclusive offers you can claim 
  • Gives numerous rewards in the form of ‘Scratch cards’ as per your transactions
  • Allows you to split bills and settle payments
  • Facilitates linking multiple bank accounts
  • Offers you a choice between various UPI IDs before initiating payment


Yet another successful online payment app, Paytm offers umpteen services ranging from recharging your mobile bills to paying your municipal tax. Post demonetisation, Paytm has become one of the most trusted and reliable apps for online payment, be it your local grocer or an electronics store. While you can even pay your kid’s school fees using the app, there are several other applications of this app. 

Check them out here:

  • What started initially as a prepaid recharge app for DTH transformed into providing wallet services for various uses
  • Allows you to transfer money to different bank accounts through debit/credit cards from the Paytm wallet
  • Facilitates credit card bill payment as well as movie, bus and flight ticket purchases
  • Helps you get access to investment avenues and credit options 
  • Offers cashback and discount vouchers
  • Enables you to book lab tests, order medicines and get other health services at your fingertips 


Bharat Interface for Money or BHIM is backed by NCPI, the National Payments Corporation of India. It offers similar features as other online payment apps like Google Pay and Paytm. With the app supporting more than 15 languages, people from various geographical regions can use this app with ease.

Here are a few distinctive features of this payment app:

  • Option to validate your payment before executing it
  • Can transfer money by adding the IFSC code of the bank and the bank account number
  • Does not levy transaction fees or other charges when initiating any payment 
  • Can be used for utility bill payments
  • Auto-payment facility available, helping you pay EMIs, insurance premiums and OTT subscriptions without delay
  • Can initiate fund transfers through UPI as well

Amazon Pay

This one is definitely on the list of the top apps for online payment in India! Using this app, you can pay for all your purchases based on the account information stored in your Amazon account. This way, you can complete transactions conveniently, eliminating the need to re-enter the payment details for each transaction.

Check out a few other advantages of using this app from Amazon:

  • Allows you to make payments on third-party websites offering the Amazon Pay option
  • Offers additional discounts and cashback 
  • Helps you pay utility bills or book tickets
  • Brings other personal finance services to your mobile screen, such as FDs, mutual funds, etc.
  • Offers wallet-loading services via a co-branded credit card

With the increasing number of online payment apps in India, choosing the right one can be a daunting task. However, it is ideal to use a combination of apps rather than relying on a single one. Act smart and choose two that best suit your needs.

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FAQs on payment apps 

Which is India’s new payment app?

The list of some of the most popular payment apps in India includes Google Pay, BHIM, Amazon Pay, Paytm to name a few.

Which online payment app is best in India?

There is no single app that can be termed as the best online payment app. You can use an app that best suits your needs, such as Paytm, Google Pay, Cred, BharatPe and more. 

Which UPI is best?

UPI refers to United Payment Interface and refers to the system that allows you to transfer money from your bank account to another. There are many payment apps that use UPI to help you pay digitally however, Paytm has the largest number of transactions and users. 

Which UPI is safe?

All UPI apps strive to ensure safe and secure transactions, such as Google Pay, BHIM, PhonePe, Paytm and more. 

Which UPI app is the best in 2023?

There are various apps with a strong foothold in the digital payment landscape. Some of these include PhonePe, Paytm and Google Pay. 

Which bank is best for UPI?

The top 5 banks for UPI remittances in 2022 include SBI, Bank of Baroda, Union Bank of India, HDFC Bank and ICICI Bank. As such, there is no specific bank termed best for initiating UPI transactions, and you can rely on all banking institutions for online payment transfers.

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