This Doctors Day Let’s Salute Our Saviours

  • Updated on: 10 Apr 2023
  • Published on: 30 Jun 2021
This Doctors Day Let’s Salute Our Saviours

National Doctors Day is here! It is celebrated in India on July 1 to recognize and honor the contributions and sacrifices made by our physicians. At EarlySalary, we’re taking this opportunity to thank doctors for all that they do. Let’s revisit their lives over the past year.

The coronavirus pandemic has been tough on all of us, especially on doctors. While we face our struggles, doctors are fighting day and night to save billions of lives. This noble profession has always been revered, but our belief and gratefulness have increased tenfold towards them during Covid-19.

Their contributions during the pandemic

For the welfare of the patients and minimizing damage to society, doctors are working excruciatingly hard. The lack of a definite cure for Covid-19 makes their job all the more difficult. It’s a novel coronavirus, after all. 

Doctors also face the pressure of calming the nerves of the patients and their families. Doctors not only have to attend to the patients but also have to stay connected to them over call and video conferencing. Their duty time stretches to 15 or even 18 hours per day.

The world is under-resourced in terms of doctors, where many have lost their lives while saving others. Just like soldiers being deployed on the frontiers, doctors all over the world have reached out to different countries in providing their services. They have helped build ICU and covid wards according to world standards. 

The quality of the ICU, air exchanges, donning and doffing areas, ventilators, monitors, and set up of protocols were curated by doctors working in different hospitals. Since the protocols keep changing with new scientific evidence coming up, they have to be updated and incorporate new learnings.

Doctors research papers and scientific evidence available in different parts of the world before beginning the training of other medical professionals and staff to handle the situation at their wards. Patient care is always provided after thorough discussions and decisions. It is because of this reason, that many covid patients were able to fight back against the virus along with their resilience.

Their sacrifices and struggles

Doctors and other professionals working in the healthcare sector are particularly vulnerable to the highly infectious disease of Covid-19. Every day, these selfless warriors have fought battles in the hospitals while cutting themselves from their families and loved ones. To avoid infecting their own families, most doctors have given up going home after their shifts and are living in solitary accommodations.

While we struggle to wear masks for some time, doctors wear personal protective equipment (PPE) for hours! It is an essential gear that all health workers have to wear to protect themselves from harmful biological agents and contaminated surfaces. Some doctors have observed that wearing a PPE kit beyond 7 hours is unendurable. Yet they don this armor for safety every day for an excruciating period of time. To not take the virus back home, they have to be extra careful with sanitization before and after leaving the hospital.

Despite giving their best, medical doctors and staff have been attacked and ill-treated by the covid-positive or deceased patient’s families. They have been told to leave their rented accommodations by their landlords or people living in the society. The psychological trauma that many doctors have faced by being ill-treated and seeing so many deaths has broken them down, still, they put on their mask, PPE kit and are ready to serve us.

EarlySalary salutes doctors’ fighting spirit!

Doctors have put their own lives at risk with selfless determination for saving lives. They truly are our saviors during these challenging times. The least we can do to appreciate their efforts is to stay safe indoors and cooperate with them. A big salute to our doctors for the sacrifice they have made and continue to make for the safety and welfare of humanity.

Dear Doctors, thank you for everything you do, you all deserve lifelong gratitude on our end.

We hope that this pandemic ends soon so that our doctors can get some well deserved rest. To do so, we need to cooperate with our government and healthcare officials. Let’s reduce their burden by being more cautious and live our lives healthily.
At Fibe, we promise to continue being there for our customers. While we cannot come close to the level of sacrifice and service doctors grant us, we do try our best to help. Our customers are more than welcome to avail of medical emergency loans to fight the pandemic and other illnesses. Be safe and be healthy!


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