Smile OK please – No more month-end crunch with instant cash loans

  • Updated on: 10 Apr 2023
  • Published on: 20 Apr 2020
Smile OK please – No more month-end crunch with instant cash loans

For most of us, salary-day is the best time of the month. Whether it is eating out in a nice restaurant, buying new clothes or a long-awaited breather with your loved ones on a weekend trip, replenishing your bank account with your hard-earned money can mean a lot. With the advent of online shopping and its massive discounts and a wide array of products, we’re spoilt for options too.

But we do know that this golden period is often short-lived. Even after rigorous budgeting, you may face a cash crunch; especially towards the end of the month. Here in this blog, we explore how an instant cash loan can help you bridge the gap caused by your cash crunch under any circumstance. 

To get an instant loan online these days requires zero paperwork and no collateral. Everything, starting from the application to the final loan disbursal is done online with a focus on instant approval. Most instant loan apps in India like EarlySalary ensure disbursal within 8 to 24 hours of your application because we understand that in a time of need, running around for money can be the most taxing thing. At EarlySalary, we have developed financial technology and tools to help customers apply for a cash loan by simply uploading the required documents on our website or android app. 

How To Get An Instant Loan Online

With the Fibe instant cash loan app, you can get an instant loan for all your needs in just a few clicks: 

  • Just download the Instant Loan App
  • Signup with your name and,
  • Share a few personal details to get an eligibility check,
  • Upload your identity proof, address proof and salary slips for the last three months. 

There is no need to physically send any document for verification or visit our offices with any documents. Once we receive your credit score and process your loan request, the loan amount is directly transferred to your bank account. You would be notified about the transfer and EMIs through your online dashboard. If in case of any queries, you can always email or call our customer support. 

If you are 21 years or more, an Indian citizen and a salaried individual with a minimum salary of ₹18,000 (Metro Cities) or ₹15,000 (Non-metros), then you are eligible for a quick cash loan from EarlySalary. 

An instant cash loan from Fibe is an unsecured loan, meaning, you do not need to pledge any security or collaterals. You are free to use the entire amount for any of your requirements. Fibe’s cash loan also provides you with flexible repayment options, where you can choose between the duration and installment amount. You may also choose to repay the entire amount at any time in this period since we charge zero foreclosure fees. 

Borrowing from EarlySalary is also affordable. With a good credit score, you can borrow with interest rates as low as Rs 9/day. That being said, you can also borrow if you do not have a credit score yet. 

There can be a plethora of reasons for the month-end cash crunch and subsequent wrinkles on your forehead, which are sometimes outside your control. Isn’t it awesome to have an instant loan available for all your needs? With EarlySalary instant cash loans, we help you sail through money blues during a medical emergency, sudden repair work, shopping, travel, etc. So, replace that frown with a smile OK, please. 

Feel free to get in touch with us for any questions on credit, loans, and your instant cash needs!

Download the personal loan app here, and be a part of the #OneInAMillion experience.


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