Skip the Bank : Online Non-traditional Lending is the Best Bet!

  • Updated on: 10 Apr 2023
  • Published on: 26 Oct 2018
Skip the Bank : Online Non-traditional Lending is the Best Bet!

Are you on the look-out for a simple and efficient way to get instant loans? Are you aware that traditional, big banks aren’t your only option anymore? Whether it is for your month-end needs or your next vacation or a home investment, online loans have proved to be much easier to get as compared to the traditional, lengthy bank rounds. Let’s look at some aspects of online lending which makes it the best bet out of the two.

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There can be multiple reasons for you to look out for instant cash loans. You may want to invest in self-learning courses, or may need it for a medical emergency? Maybe you failed to manage your finances well this month but you need to pay off some high-interest debts?

These issues are extremely sensitive to time and if you have gone through a bank loan application you would know that it is everything but a speedy process. Opting for an online lender has made the borrower’s life much simpler, the approval process is definitely faster than that of the conventional lender.

As secure as banks, the online lenders have significantly lesser regulations and simpler procedures to follow which translates to lesser paperwork and quicker approvals.

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Assured Loan Approvals

More often than not, banks refuse to lend money if the amount is not large enough to make a good profit on. In other words, banks are not a suitable option to ask for smaller loans. So, if you are looking a short-term instant loan, the odds of you being denied one are comparatively higher if you go the traditional way.

Most times, the borrower is left in the dark and the reason for rejection is not disclosed to the individual. There is no room for correction and your application may get rejected multiple times for the very same reason.

When it comes to online lenders, your chances of receiving a positive response are greater as they have tailor-made loaning options for you with complete transparency about the process.


Traditional banks offer business loans that you are all too familiar with. Line-of-credit, interim loans, credit cards are some of the basic loans that are offered by big banks.

Online lenders tend to have a lot more flexibility without being limited to these conventional options. Different loans, based on loan sizes and different repayment periods serve a variety of purposes. Therefore online lenders will fund a variety of loan sizes depending on your needs, be it big or small!

All that needs to be done from the borrower’s end is to choose a lender based on their requirement.

Choice of Repayment Terms

There are lenders who require weekly or even daily payments. Short terms equal large payments. You can choose your payment methods based on what is convenient for you and the portion of your salary you can save each month to repay the loans comfortably.

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The Caveat of Online Lending

With online lending, you will acquire your loans and get your documents verified quickly. Being easily accessible and fairly convenient, online loans charge a processing fee as a part of repayment amount.

Unfortunately, if you bear a less-than-ideal credit score, funding your small business is a risky investment for the online lenders. Hence, to minimize their losses in case you default on your loan, online lenders may charge high interest rates and fees.

Online or Offline Lending: What suits your business needs?

Online lending has shown exponential growth in the past decade proving its credibility and reliability. Most salaried professionals, therefore, choose to opt for it, in an attempt to save time, rejection overheads and incur flexibility. Big or small, they will provide for the amount you require and help you in emergencies.


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