Remote Working Tips For Parents Working From Home During Covid-19

  • Updated on: 10 Apr 2023
  • Published on: 20 May 2020
Remote Working Tips For Parents Working From Home During Covid-19

With our world turned upside down due to arguably the worst pandemic in history, all of us are struggling to keep going with our lives. The national lockdown has changed the way everything around us works, with a stunning proportion of organizations now looking to formally adopt a work-from-home structure for the long term. Life in lockdown is the new normal.

Even though there is a huge degree of flexibility that comes with the option of working from home, there are several allied problems that come along with it too. With schools being shut down all across the country in the wake of this outbreak, most parents working from home have been struggling with managing work commitments along with effective parenting and taking care of other chores.  All members of the family are stuck within the confines of their four walls, with the work-life balance out the window. 

However, the problem may not be as bad as it may seem and can be tackled efficiently if parents working from home take the following things into account:

  • Your partner is your best companion 

In a lot of families, with both the parents having their work lined up, it is critical that a sense of understanding is achieved wherein the task of taking care of the kids is equally divided. With chores clearly demarcated, it will be easier to manage both work and the kids. Both parents can mutually decide upon different working hours which would mean that at least one parent will be available for the kids while the other can work peacefully for that duration. 

  • Having a clear routine for kids as well as work 

Understandably, this time is no easier for the kids. With the schools closed and exams postponed indefinitely, there is a sense of chaos that prevails even in their lives. So, it would be helpful to have a proper time-table or a routine in place for them so that they are able to retain some sort of normalcy while not being a hindrance to the parents’ work. 

As a consequence of the kids following a set pattern for their lifestyle, the parent can effectively take care of the kids without undermining your work commitments. This can be done by opting for work timings during the late afternoon or early evening during which the kids are asleep or busy with some work after having their lunch. This way, they will not come in the way of the work, which can be dealt with, swiftly. 

  • Share your concerns and chores with the children 

With little or no external help for managing day-to-day chores at home, managing efficient work from the home session is more challenging than ever. To make things easier, you could share a few of the household responsibilities with your kids. It can be something as simple as watering the plants in the garden or organizing their bookshelf. This will surely take off a little load from you while delegating a task to the child to keep them occupied. 

Parents working from home
“Try and explain to the children as and when you are engaged with some important work. This way, you’ll be able to manage both your commitments – personal and professional – better.”
  • Encourage a hobby 

This may be an ideal time for parents working from home to encourage their kids to develop a skill or a hobby. Reading, playing an instrument, gardening, or cooking, developing a positive hobby will help channelize the children’s energy in the right direction and have a positive impact on their lives as well. Today, several online courses are also available which can not only stimulate and maintain interest from young ones but also help in their overall mental development.

  • Communicate clearly 

Having a clear discussion with your family about the issues that may be arising at present is important, now more than ever. This will not only ensure that they are dealt with in the most efficient manner, it will also mean that you can expect understanding from your kids when it comes to your office work. Try and explain to the children as and when you are engaged with some important work. This way, you’ll be able to manage both your commitments better. 

Last but not the least, it’s important to acknowledge that these are unprecedented times. The world needs to heal and so does every one of us. Don’t think of this as the only opportunity you’d ever have to showcase your productivity. Kick-off your shoes enjoy the slower pace of life for a while. Also, make sure to use this lockdown as an opportunity to spend some quality time with your near and dear ones. Take a break from your work and strengthen those family bonds, or focus on personal growth!

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