Quarantine during the Covid-19 Crisis? Here’s how to engage yourself

  • Updated on: 10 Apr 2023
  • Published on: 28 Mar 2020
Quarantine during the Covid-19 Crisis? Here’s how to engage yourself

With the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, governments across the world have been forced to direct their citizens to quarantine themselves in their homes. This move of self-isolation is a necessary step in order to curb the rampant spread of the virus among the public. Confined to our own houses, many of us are missing the thrills of our social lifestyle. With nothing much to do apart from the tasks assigned under work from home, boredom is definitely engulfing us all. But there is nothing to worry about, the Earlysalary team is here to guide you on how you can turn the present situation to an exciting period with the following activities:

Yoga and body-weight exercises


Health has been one of those aspects of our life that have been neglected for a while. Today, with time on our hands, we can take good care of our bodies by indulging in physical activities such as yoga and other exercises. These will not only provide much-needed agility, but studies have proven them effective in keeping stress hormones under control, essential in surviving such straining times.

Since the onset of coronavirus, the body’s resilience to the disease or immunity has been a crucial point of discussion. Robust examinations of various health reports have shown the debility of viruses in front of bodies with impeccable immunity. Therefore, the task to undertake a physical health routine has become necessary. 



As panic tends to increase around the world, it becomes crucial to calm your inner world. Meditation empowers one to subdue a tensed mind and soothe the nerves. Since ancient times, sages have been voicing the importance of having a meditational ritual in day-to-day life. Whether you want to use this time to connect or grow spiritually or seek tranquillity, a thoughtful-meditation practice is all you need. 

Learn Something New or Take an Online Course  


We all have some passion or desire to learn something which, unfortunately, due to scarcity of time we haven’t been able to explore or pursue. With the availability of online courses and millions of videos on platforms like YouTube, the current lockdown provides an opportunity to undertake those desired activities. The time can also be utilized for upgrading one’s skillset by pursuing courses that relate to their profession. This will not only provide professionals with an edge over their peers but also prove vital during appraisals or provide them with better opportunities.

Connect with friends and relatives


Social distancing does not imply getting yourself completely detached from your social life. We are living in an age where we can connect with anyone virtually. Talk to your friends and relatives and catch up with them on phones. In such hard times, assuring words from friends and family can do wonders for one’s mental health.

Read and write 

Reading has always been one of the sought-after activities to productively utilize time. Reading a book transports one to the fantasy land of the author’s imagination. There are numerous online sites and apps like Kindle and Kobo available to download and read books of vivid genres. 

Learned men and successful individuals have always emphasized the need to share one’s knowledge with their fellow beings. And what a better way to do that, than writing. We all possess pearls of wisdom that the world needs to know. Whether you have some tips on money management or handling relationships, this free time can be used to share those with other netizens on platforms like Medium or Quora.

Cultivate your hobbies


While fulfilling the demands of daily life, our hobbies can get sacrificed in the long run. The current time period can be used to revisit those long lost hobbies or to cultivate the current ones. If it’s gardening that enthralls you, then you now have time to pick up your tools and tend to your garden. Or if it is cooking that gets you going then it’s time to hit the stove and cook that dish you wanted to try for a long time.

Spend time with your family


The quarantine can be seen as a blessing in disguise for family life. In an age where families are turning dysfunctional at an alarming rate, coming and living together can be fruitful for many. It is time for the younger members of the families to connect with the older ones. Families have an opportunity to come together and bond with each other. The present times are testing and nobody knows exactly what the future holds.  It is up to us now to turn the circumstances in our favor and celebrate the essence of life. 

So instead of getting glued in front of a television set and getting frightened by the blaring of media houses, one can turn the present situation to their own advantage. Optimizing your physical and mental health should be part of your major commitment right now. Taking the necessary precautions and following public advice issued by WHO is essential to keep one safe from the invisible havoc. On the other hand, Earlysalary will safeguard your financial health with our instant personal loans, whenever you need us!

Stay Home, Stay safe!
We all are in this together 🙂 


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