How To Plan an International Trip in 2024

  • Updated on: 24 Apr 2024
  • Published on: 15 Apr 2019
How To Plan an International Trip in 2024

As summers approach, it is time to buckle up and plan for your international trip. From ancient ruins to exotic beaches, locations abroad have a lot to offer. But before you head for your dream vacation, planning for the journey is crucial to keep it organised. To know more about the best destinations to visit and how to plan for your foreign tour, read on.

Best Countries to Visit in Summer 2024

While spring is in the air in the northern hemisphere in April, the southern hemisphere continues to experience late autumn. Hence, this season offers a great opportunity for those planning for an international trip:


France, Paris in particular, is a delight to visit in the spring season. If you visit the country this season, you can enjoy the centuries-old Foire du Trône funfair or participate in the Paris Marathon. 


You can consider visiting Greece this month, as the country is experiencing the last month of the low tourism season. However, there is still a high potential for local activities. Whether you prefer hiking in the mountains or visiting seaside cities, a visit to Greece in April is a beautiful experience.


To bask on the white sand beaches and coral gardens off the Caribbean Sea, you can visit Belize. It boasts the second-longest barrier reef after Australia.  

To plan a trip, you can consult an international tour & travel agency. However, you can also follow certain best practices to plan a foreign tour.

Simple Tips You Can Follow When Planning Your International Trip

Follow these easy-to-follow hacks and visit your dream destination without much hassle.

Plan the Trip Carefully

While waking up one day and making a spontaneous travel plan is fun, it is nearly impossible for an international trip. Make sure to go through these pointers:

  • The most important aspects to consider here are the visa and permissions required to visit the place. 
  • Some nations have stringent visa rules and planning well in advance is the only way to ensure you can visit the country.
  • Make a rough itinerary and decide how long you’d have to travel to do justice to the place you’re visiting.
  • Research the place thoroughly and take note of the best time to visit it and the places to see before you start booking your tickets.

Choose Your Destination Based on Your Interests

When deciding the country where you want to go for a vacation, consider what fascinates and intrigues you. For instance, if you are a history buff, Europe is an ideal holiday destination for its abundance of heritage sites. 

On the other hand, if you want to witness vibrant cultures and bustling markets, you can plan for a trip to Southeast Asian or Latin American countries. 

Visit Inexpensive Countries

If you’re low on cash, the best way to budget travel is to go to a place where you’re likely to spend less. Research the cost of living in different countries and the value of their currency against yours.

  • For example, 1 Indian Rupee equals nearly 205 Indonesian Rupiah, which should make your costs that much lower in the country.
  • On the contrary, European countries are expensive and you’ll end up spending a lot if you visit them.

So, if your goal is to see the world, you can start by visiting inexpensive countries first and progress to the more expensive ones when you have more money.

Set a Budget

This is one of the most important aspects to remember while planning an international trip with limited cash because of the following reasons: 

  • If you don’t have a set budget, you’re unlikely to control your spending.
  • However, if you set your limit according to the amount of money you have, you can always come up with ways to reduce your expenses.
  • If your costs seem like they’ll exceed your budget by a large margin, cancel some parts of your foreign tour or look for cheaper alternatives.

Find Deals on International Flights

The key to a budget-friendly international trip is to get exclusive offers on airfares. To get great deals, be flexible with your plan and consider flying on weekdays. Moreover, don’t just stick with major carriers, but also check the fares charged by some of the low-budget airlines. 

Most travel websites also allow you to set up alerts when the price of air tickets decreases for your favoured destination. 

Book Accommodation & Rentals

You will get expensive tickets if you make last-minute bookings. Hence, book your tickets around 2 months in advance. Keep an eye out for deals and discounts and subscribe to promotional mailing lists. These deals can reduce your expenditure by a large margin.

Buy Travel Insurance

Spending a little more and purchasing travel insurance can end up saving you plenty of money in case something goes wrong. Here is a brief overview of the travel insurance:

  • A typical travel insurance policy protects you against illness, accidents, theft and cancellation during your travel.
  • It covers your medical costs and reimburses you in case of theft.
  • You can buy this insurance from your international tour & travel agency.

Consider Working in Exchange for Free Food and Board

There are multiple work travel arrangements available nowadays, with the increase in people wanting to travel. Check the details of these arrangements:

  • Work abroad programs let you use your skills and offer free food and board in exchange for your time and effort.
  • You can try teaching jobs, house-sitting or helping out your hosts in some other ways.
  • You get to save money and get an in-depth experience of the local culture.

If you’re still struggling to meet your budget even after following all these tips, you can get an Instant Personal Loan at Fibe. To fund your foreign tour, you can get up to ₹5 lakhs as a loan with a simple application process and minimal paperwork. Download our Personal Loan App or log in to our website to enjoy quick funding.

FAQs on Planning an International Vacation

How do I start planning an overseas trip?

The first thing you need to do when planning an international trip is to decide the destination. After this, you can set a budget and assess the price of tickets and accommodations to proceed with the planning.

How early should you plan an international trip?

Ideally, you must plan your international travel and tour at least 2 months before the date of departure.

How much does an international trip cost from India?

The cost of your foreign travel will depend on the place you decide to visit. For instance, the cost of your international travel and tour will be higher if you plan your trip to the USA compared to Malaysia.  

What documents do I need for international flights?

Here is the paperwork you need when travelling abroad:

  • Passport
  • Visa
  • Identification documents
  • Ticket and boarding pass
  • Travel insurance plan details 

Which country is best for your first international trip?

It may depend on various considerations, such as your interest, budget and time of travel. You can consider travelling to Europe if you are a history buff, Spain if you like beaches and South America if you want to experience distinct cultures.


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