Let’s Pledge For Safety Against Covid-19

  • Updated on: 10 Apr 2023
  • Published on: 24 Jun 2021
Let’s Pledge For Safety Against Covid-19

You must’ve heard it before; prevention is better than cure. And prevention is especially needed for our fight against Covid-19. When the second wave hit this year, many states in India suffered tremendously and still are. India’s healthcare system has tried tirelessly to save lives; however, India dealt with the shortage of oxygen and the availability of beds. Our challenges are yet not over, and sadly, the coronavirus pandemic will not be going away any time soon. With the estimates of the third wave soon to hit our country again, let us pledge for safety against Covid-19.

Repeat the pledge with us:

  • To save our lives and become responsible citizens, to curb the spread of the coronavirus, we are obliged to follow the laws and rules implemented by the Government of India.
  • I will regularly wash and sanitize my hands at work, at home, and in public places.
  • I will look out for symptoms associated with Covid-19 and follow the government quarantine rules.
  • I will stay home unless it is essential for me to go out. Then, when I go out, I’ll wear a mask and practice social distance by keeping myself 6 feet away from others.
  • I will get vaccinated against coronavirus.

Things to keep in mind regarding our pledge against the coronavirus

  1. Covid-19 symptoms are cough, headache, chills, loss of smell or taste, shortness of breath, nausea, fever, and more.
  2. If you are an asymptomatic carrier, you can still spread the virus.
  3. When you get vaccinated, take both the doses assigned to you. The double-dosed vaccination does not give you full immunity coverage against the disease, but it helps you fight better against the virus when tested positive.
  4. Reinfection may be possible as well.
  5. When you wash your hands, wash them with soap and water for at least 20 seconds.
  6. Always cover your nose and mouth with your mask, especially while coughing or sneezing in public.
  7. You should avoid touching your eyes, nose, or mouth without washing or sanitizing your hands.
  8. Avoid close contact with sick people at all costs.
  9. If you fail to carry a tissue with you, always sneeze or cough into your elbow or sleeve, not on your hands.
  10. Frequently clean and disinfect commonly touched surfaces at home or office because the virus can stay alive for days in such places.

Create a safe workplace

We can make our workplaces safer from the virus by ensuring that the facility is fully clean and disinfected. In addition, setting up support systems for employees when they return to work and adjust to the work-life and emotional challenges presented by the coronavirus pandemic is essential as well. Finally, a plan specially curated to ensure safety to the employees and clients from risks connected to the virus such as exposure and transmission is also necessary.

At EarlySalary, we have taken strict measures to safeguard our employees as they continuously give their best to serve our clients and the people suffering due to the pandemic. You can read about our measures through this link.

Lend a helping hand

It is crucial to reach out and help our communities during the pandemic. Be it through donations of monetary help, food, clothing, or oxygen supply, and we can solve numerous problems if we all come together and fight against the virus.

As a goodwill gesture, we successfully contributed to the Command Hospital Southern Command (CHSC) situated in Pune, a hospital for the Armed Forces. In the pandemic, they reached out to help civilians by providing hospital beds and oxygen. So, EarlySalary’s employees donated money from their salaries in May 2021 to purchase pulse oximeters, e-rickshaws, and coffee/tea vending machines for the CHSC.


Below mentioned are some helplines you can contact in case of emergencies:

  • Corona (Covid-19) Helpline: 011-23978046 or 1075
  • Delhi government corona helpline- 

Save the contact +91 88000 07722 on your phone and text ‘Hi’ via WhatsApp to get started.

  • Maharashtra Public Health Department COVID-19 helpline-

If you are in Maharashtra, save the number +91 20 2612 7394 instead, and text ‘Hi’ via WhatsApp to get started.

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