How to check Credit Card balance: 7 ways to know about

  • Published on: 4 Dec 2023
How to check Credit Card balance: 7 ways to know about

You can easily check your credit card balance using various options that issuers provide. Doing so helps you stay on top of your finances without much hassle. Your credit card balance is the total amount you have utilised, which you must repay on time. 

This differs from the credit limit, which is the maximum amount sanctioned by the issuer. By initiating a regular credit card balance check, you can plan your finances and clear your dues on time.  

Read on to learn how to check your credit card balance online and offline, the advantages of checking it periodically and more. 

How to check your Credit Card balance online?

Before initiating a transaction, here’s how to execute a credit card balance check online.

  • Net Banking

To check your credit card balance via net banking, your card has to be registered for the service. If you have registered your card, then you can log in to your account with your user ID and password. 

Choose the credit card option and you will see your card details on the dashboard. This includes card balance, available balance, next due date, card limit and more. 

  • Mobile Banking App

Your issuer’s mobile banking app allows you to check your credit card instantly balance. You can download it from the Google Play Store or App Store. After you log in to the app with your credentials, select the credit card option from the menu to see your balance. 

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How to check your Credit Card balance offline?

If you cannot log in to your credit card net banking and mobile banking accounts, here are alternative options to check your credit card balance offline. 

  • Monthly Credit Card Statement

Banks and card issuers generate your monthly card statement at the end of every billing cycle and send it to your email. This will include your balance, among other details, such as your minimum due amount, due date, contact details, etc. 

You can even request your card provider to send a physical copy to your registered address.

  • Customer Service

 Card issuers have a dedicated customer support team who can give you the required information about your credit card after verifying your details. Simply call customer care to get an update on your balance anytime.

  • ATM

You can also check credit card balance by inserting your credit card into the issuing bank’s ATM.

  • Nearest Bank Branch

You may also visit your bank branch and request the banking executive to check your balance. 

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Why to check your Credit Card balance periodically? 

As a frequent credit card user, be aware of the benefits of running periodic credit card balance checks. Here are a few of them:

  • It helps you understand the available balance on your card so you can spend smartly 
  • It helps you keep a tab on any unauthorised payments or fraud 
  • It helps you raise disputes against any fraudulent activities as soon as possible 
  • It helps you stay up to date with the charges levied by your card provider in case you go over limit  

In conclusion, there are many advantages to keeping track of your credit card balance. By spending responsibly, you can enjoy the benefits of your credit card to the fullest. To enjoy numerous perks, opt for the Fibe Axis Bank Credit Card

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FAQs on Checking Credit Card Balance

How can I check my credit card balance online?

You can check your credit card balance online by logging into your issuer’s net banking portal or the mobile app. Simply enter your customer ID and password to check your credit balance and other details within minutes.

How to check your credit card balance offline?

To check credit card balance offline, contact the customer care team of your credit card issuer or visit your nearest bank branch. Note that you can get your card balance from the monthly generated credit card statement too.


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