Need to block Credit Card? Here are 5 options you can try

  • Published on: 9 Nov 2023
Need to block Credit Card? Here are 5 options you can try

Knowing how to block credit cards is crucial. This is the first step you must take if you notice any unauthorised transactions or lose or misplace your card. Promptly blocking your card helps ensure that your information is protected and you are safe from any fraudulent activities.

After all, unauthorised transactions can rake up your credit card bill, leading to additional charges and fees if you do not take any action. This can lead to a financial burden and can negatively impact your creditworthiness too. 

So, read on to learn how to block credit cards using different methods and some safety tips to boost your credit card usage. 

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5 Ways to block your Credit Card

To ensure convenience and swift action, credit card providers generally offer many different ways to help you block a credit card. Here are 5 methods you can choose from. 

Calling Customer Care

You can simply call your credit card issuer’s customer care team and report your concern. After asking you a few questions, the customer care executive will verify your identity. Once the verification is complete, you can place a request to block your credit card. 

Logging into Net Banking

Once you sign into your net banking account, you can block your credit card easily and in just a few clicks. Under the credit card section, you will find the option for blocking credit cards. After submitting the reason and request, the card issuer will block your card.

Using the Mobile Application

You can also block your card through your card issuer’s mobile application. Simply download the app and log in with your credentials, then select the option for blocking credit cards. Your credit card will get immediately blocked after you give the reason. However, the steps may vary depending on the mobile app. 

Sending an SMS

Many banks and card providers offer SMS card-blocking services. For this, you must send an SMS from your registered mobile number. The text must be in the format mentioned on the issuer’s website. You can find the SMS number on your card issuer’s website. In some cases, you may even get the numbers in your credit card bill. 

Visiting Your Nearest Bank Branch 

If you cannot reach your card issuer online, you can also visit your nearest bank branch and place the request to block your credit card. At the branch, you can submit a written request or fill out an application and submit it to the executive along with the required documents, if any. 

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Safety tips to protect your Credit Card

While blocking a credit card ensures that no unauthorised transaction takes place, it also stops you from enjoying the card’s benefits. While this is a step you must take if your credit card is lost or stolen, you can protect yourself with some general safety tips to prevent fraud. 

Here are a few points you should remember:

  • Refrain from saving your credit card information online
  • Use only encrypted websites and secure networks to make transactions 
  • Avoid sharing your credit card PIN 
  • Change your PIN periodically 
  • Opt for SMS and email alerts to monitor your transactions 
  • Request for e-statements instead of hard copy prints to avoid paper trails
  • Report a missing or stolen credit card immediately 
  • Use a strong password for all your net banking and mobile banking accounts

With the above information in mind, you can protect your credit card from being misused by scammers. To enjoy top-notch security, opt for the Fibe Axis Bank Credit Card

As India’s first numberless card linked to your UPI ID, this card will help ensure you level up the security of your finances and important information. You also get exclusive features and benefits, ranging from cashback to zero annual/joining fees with this exciting credit card! Download the Fibe App or register on the website to apply now for personal loan and credit card. 

FAQs on Blocking Credit Cards

How do I block my card online?

To block your credit card online, log in to your net banking account or openthe issuer’s mobile banking app. Then, go to the credit card section and select the card you want to block. After selecting the reason for the same, submit the request and your credit card will get blocked immediately.

Can we block credit cards permanently?

Yes, you can permanently block your card if you suspect it is lost or stolen. Permanently blocking credit cards ensures that the card details cannot be used for any transactions. Once you have permanently blocked your card, your card issuer will give you a new card with a new number. 

What happens if I lose my credit card and someone uses it?

If you have lost your credit card, your liability depends on how quickly you take action. If you report your card within the stipulated time, card issuers will not charge you for any transactions. However, if you fail to report within the given time frame, card issuers may levy charges as per their policy. 

If a credit card is blocked, how to unblock it? 

You can unblock your credit card by contacting your card provider via various online and offline options. You can log in to your net banking account or the issuer’s mobile banking app and request reactivation. You can also visit the bank branch or call customer care to unblock your card offline.


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