How Short Term Loans Work?

  • Updated on: 25 Apr 2023
  • Published on: 4 Jan 2018
How Short Term Loans Work?


While scheduling monthly calendar, you suddenly realize that plan to celebrate the favorite festival with schoolmates, and girl friend’s birthday falls within first twenty days on the month. To add-on, your restlessness, gentle reminder SMS to pay monthly EMI for the bike, drops in. You are still to pay the balance payment of air ticket to an agent.

At the back of the mind, you apprehend that salary advance request will get rejected, as you’ll be on leave. Now What? A personal loan from a bank? Cancel the long-awaited celebration with schoolmates? Borrow money from parents? Well, the answer is a big-No! There is impressive, convenient, fast and sure shot benefit of short-term loan

Take the advantage of short-term loans which are best suited for professionals and emergency situations. In financial emergencies, for festival shopping, paying EMI, unexpected bill payments, get online loans offered by professionally managed Non-Banking  Financial  Companies  (NBFC).

These NBFCs extend unsecured loans, generally small amounts for short terms, for less than twelve months. The benefit of these loans are-

– Fast Disbursement: Short-term loan approvals are as fast, no paper documentation, and are online.

– Low amount  approval: Your small financial crunches can be addressed with easy loans. You are not forced to borrow large amounts against your needs.

– Easy repayment options: You yourself decide the date of repayment, unlike fixed dates of repayments in other loaning or credit systems.

– CIBIL or Credit  Score: You do not have to always score well on your CIBIL or have a pre-history of financial transactions or credit score.

Why Short Term Loans?

Short-term loans are the best recourse in emergencies.

You Prefer Using Cards?…Check-Out!

What if, in case you do not have a credit card? If you have exhausted your credit card’s limits you need some other alternative. Likewise, a credit card will not be accepted everywhere like- your landlord might not accept it to receive the rent. Or, for that matter, when you wish to pay back your credit card bill you cannot use it. Also, a cash advance can only be availed from an ATM using your credit card which depends on your fixed limit.

Do Personal loans suit you?

Personal loans need a lot of documentation and take days and weeks for approval and disbursement. They cannot be an option for emergency needs. They check your previous financial transaction or take into consideration Credit Scores.

All such hassles are not applicable in short-term loans and at the same time your privacy is retained. You can repay the moment you receive your salary, the very next month.

Choose the Best

The best way to zero down on a Non-Banking  Financial  Company  which can offer a superior easy loan

product is the convenience, speed of disbursement and the flexibility they offer to customers. One such company offering short-term loans with all these features and much more are, a leading Fintech company using advanced technology of “Social Score”, to approve loan amount. Unlike the traditional methods of checking historic financial transactions or Credit Scores, they employ an advanced Social Scoring system defined by the customer’s presence in the digital ecosystem or social community.

Loan on Mobile App

 What makes small loans offered by pre-eminent are its distinct features. Unlike no credit check loans where you visit a bank or call a loaning agent; it’s all there on a “Mobile App”. You just have to download the mobile application on your Smartphone from “Google play store” and get started.

Zero Documentation and Credit  Score

Neither paper document nor credit score is required for short-term loans. Simply click your selfie, and use the “upload documents” option in the app. This is the most convenient and fast way to receive online loans. The unbelievable speed of approval can astound you, as it is as less as just 30minutes.

 Contain  One’s Self-Respect

 With your privacy is maintained, as you need not disclose it to anyone. You do not experience embarrassment and tide over the situation.

Step-by-Step Easy Loan 

Simplified steps, to apply for short-term loans, on the instant loan app of the company make them popular. The steps are user-friendly and easy to maneuver. Similarly, the approvals and disbursals are simple and fast. Register using your Facebook account and upload few basic documents. After entering the amount, choice of repayment you get instant approval within 30 minutes, based on social scores. You sign some documents, delivered at the doorstep, and cash is transferred to your account immediately.

It’s a definite win-win for professionals like you, who are connected to the social media community. The bigger the network the strong “social scorecard” and in turn better chances of high values and faster approvals.



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