How Instant Personal Loan Triumphs Over Credit Card Loan

  • Updated on: 26 Dec 2023
  • Published on: 18 Jun 2021
How Instant Personal Loan Triumphs Over Credit Card Loan

A financial catastrophe can strike anyone at any time. However, to keep one’s goals and requirements from being harmed, people often seek financial assistance in loans and credits. 

Credit card loans and instant personal loans are the most common financial aid. They have no end-use restrictions and can be used for various personal or commercial purposes, including wedding expenses, house renovations, and vacations.

In this article, we will explain why instant personal loans are better than credit card loans. But, first, let us understand what instant personal loan and credit card loan are:

Instant Personal Loan

An instant personal loan is an amount of money obtained from a bank, credit union, or online lender that can be repaid overtime on a customizable EMI schedule. There are two sorts of personal loans: secured and unsecured. Secured personal loans require you to pledge valuable tangible assets as collateral to guarantee repayment and have a lower interest rate. In contrast, unsecured personal loans do not require collateral and can be used for anything.

Credit Card Loan

A credit card loan is a pre-approved loan that doesn’t require any paperwork. It is the quickest way to get unsecured credit. A credit card loan is not the same as a cash withdrawal.

When you’re in desperate need of cash, a credit card loan can help. Customers with credit cards can take out a loan against their credit limit. Customers can acquire a loan amount in the form of an increased credit limit or use unused credit to receive a loan amount. The extended limit is credited to the card after the loan is approved.

How Instant Personal Loan Triumphs Over a Credit Card Loan

Personal loans are usually preferable for more extensive, longer-term expenses. Credit card loans are known to have higher interest rates than instant personal loans; holding a balance on a credit card for an extended period of time can be expensive. Here are some reasons why instant personal loan triumph over credit card loan

A better choice for long term expenses

Credit card loans can be taken out for shorter periods, on the other hand personal loans are often for more extended periods.

A better option for an enormous loan amount

A credit card loan is a good alternative if you only need a small loan, whereas personal loans allow you to take out a large loan.

Less documentation 

Thanks to the digital revolution and digital money, instant personal loan processing has become much easier and less time-consuming than in the past. Your instant personal loan is granted in minutes after you submit only the most basic documentation. Then, the disbursement takes place quickly in seconds for approved consumers.

Interest rates that are both attractive and low

It’s now much simpler to find the best personal loan interest rates. This is one of the most appealing aspects of instant personal loans on the internet. Fibe is unique in that it provides the most attractive personal loan interest rates based on your credit score, even if you don’t have one. Furthermore, your interest rate is fixed for the entire duration of your loan and is not subject to change. As a result, you need not be concerned about interest rate fluctuations.

The personal loan EMI calculator on Fibe (formerly EarlySalary) is a dependable tool for calculating your loan EMI in only a few minutes and with a few simple steps. First, calculate your monthly repayments based on your sanctioned loan amount and interest rates using this simple and easy-to-use EMI calculator. You can also prepay your loan amount using Fibe without incurring any additional fees.


Personal loans provide significant advantages over credit card loans, including reduced interest rates and consistent, equal payments until the debt is paid off. In addition, the predictability makes budgeting easy, and you’ll know exactly when you’ll be debt-free. With this, our article comes to an end; hopefully, it has helped you understand how instant personal loans are better than credit card loans.

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