How EarlySalary has combated the Coronavirus

  • Updated on: 25 Apr 2023
  • Published on: 24 Mar 2020
How EarlySalary has combated the Coronavirus

Compiled By: Sandeep Raghunath
About Sandeep: He is the Head of Human Resources at EarlySalary, with 10+ years of international experience in HR across industries.

The Coronavirus pandemic has caused most businesses to hit a slump, pushed finances down, created widespread panic, but most importantly – has infected around 2,20,000 people around the world as of now, killing almost 9000 of them. In dark times like this, it is of utmost importance to be safe and spread awareness so others can stay safe too. We at EarlySalary understand how significant of a problem COVID-19 is, and have taken several measures to combat this problem head-on, making sure that we do our best to not have this situation impact any of our services, while making sure that our employees remain safe, away from the pangs of the deadly Coronavirus. The safety of our employees and their families is our absolute priority. 

How EarlySalary has combated the Coronavirus

Here are some of the steps taken by us at EarlySalary in order to achieve our goal of providing as much service as possible in the times of distress, while keeping our employees safe.

  • We have enabled the staff of EarlySalary to work from multiple EarlySalary offices to prevent crowding and the potential risk of the spread of the virus
  • We have provided the employees with the option to work from home, and have taken various efforts to enable them to perform their work effectively from their residences
  • We’re relying heavily on tools like Zoom and Google Hangouts to remain connected and in collaboration. Not everyone is used to such extended work-from-home periods though, so we’ve been proactive with organizing learning sessions on staying motivated, remaining productive, and more. This is in addition to weekly team meetings to remain in the loop, of course!
  • We have imposed a travel restriction, to help ensure that they don’t get affected while traveling
  • Efforts have been made to ensure that all personnel are educated on the various safety measures and guidelines, like maintenance of personal hygiene, reduction in physical contacts, etc.
How EarlySalary has combated the Coronavirus

Despite the Coronavirus scare, we at EarlySalary remain committed to ensuring that our service to our customers isn’t affected. We’ve carried out business continuity exercises to ensure that our operations carry on unhindered. While ensuring an atmosphere of safety for our personnel, EarlySalary continues to put the customers first and assigns the highest priorities to ensure that our business stays up and running, 24*7. 

How EarlySalary has combated the Coronavirus

I, personally, am proud of the way our teams have adapted to working in this situation with all required measures and ensuring business continuity. Since we are an app-based service, all our services continue to be available throughout the day, seven days a week. I would like to ensure our clients, present and prospective, that despite all of the challenges presently faced, we at EarlySalary are firing from all cylinders. Infact, we understand that, at times like this, when the virus is running rampant and affecting the economies of people throughout the world, the need for us to carry out our jobs, and assist our clients in times of financial distress is absolutely necessary. With the current disruption in the economy, we understand that the need for instant loans on salary, with low-interest rates, like the ones provided by EarlySalary, will be necessary, now more than ever. We are fully equipped to handle our clients’ needs in need, 24*7. All our accounts managers are available for calls/video calls to assist you with any queries that you may have.

I also urge the readers to ensure that you take all the necessary precautions and stay safe. Wash your hands regularly with soaps and sanitizers regularly, avoid travel as much as possible and make sure to visit a doctor and get yourself checked at the first sign of any of the symptoms. As the old saying goes precaution is better than cure, as highlighted by this short poem that my colleague, Suneta Bhoslay, Deputy Manager (HRD), EarlySalary has composed:

Hopping, skipping and having fun
No one knew the fear of one (Virus)
Shaking hands and hugging each other
Never before was a threat to one another
They said it is spreading far and wide
We never saw it’s might and the plight
Some lost the battle and others seek how to tackle
Never was hygiene taken so seriously
It’s the question of our loved ones now dangerously
Let’s keep ourselves well hydrated, hands are clean and faces masked
Better late than never
Let’s win this battle forever

Stay HOME, Stay SAFE.


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