Here’s how to afford your dream life with Advance Salary Apps

  • Updated on: 26 Dec 2023
  • Published on: 30 May 2019
Here’s how to afford your dream life with Advance Salary Apps

Running pole to post to earn more and pulling the ever chugging train of aspirations – this briefly summarize the life of a millennial. As we hustle through corporate deadlines and steer our way into new age urban culture, what we miss out amid its routine expenditures is living our dream life. There comes a time when we are ready to mark items off our bucket list but just then an urgent expenditure pops up and the item falls back in the list. But, worry no more – with EarlySalary’s advance salary app, it’s time to live your dream life.

As a part of our pursuit of achieving a better lifestyle, we’re often burdened by the financial challenges of our city lives. Even minor repair work in the household can eat away your budget. This is where an instant loan from advance salary apps can assist. These funds act as a bridge fund and are used to fulfil all your needs ranging from shopping, travel, home furnishings, basically everything under the sun.

Scores of fintech companies have offered advance salary apps to fill our monetary void instantly. Advance salary apps not only take care of your month-end cash woes but also help you meet emergency expenses until your next salary is credited. Working on a similar concept of lending, EarlySalary offers 24*7 quick loans without the pressure of paying it under strict schedules. Read on to find why an advance salary app can turnaround your life for better.

  1. Buy your desired gadget anytime, anywhere!

Have you been waiting for a major sale to lay your hands on those Bluetooth speakers and lights to make your place ready for a party? Found the ideal deal but ran out of money? Well, cheer up. With an advance salary app, you can apply for a loan on the go and get approval within a few hours. The entire application and approval process is online so you can even grab limited period offers and save big.

  1. Simple Process, Quick Disbursal

There are times when we are so busy planning things like a travel expedition or a grand party, and when the moment comes, both time and money pull us back. An instant cash loan can help by minimizing the paperwork. There is no paperwork if you apply for a loan on the EarlySalary app. The entire approval process is supplemented with eKYC which minimises the time taken by loans or salary advances taken through apps. A traditional personal loan generally takes 7-15 working days to approve. However, with EarlySalary, it takes only 8 to 24 hours to transfer the approved amount. There is no need to wait in queues and understand the complex application process. Just download the app, upload a few mandatory documents from your smartphone and get ready to live your dreams.

  1. Low-Interest Rate and App Exclusive Offers

Discount on discount is like a cherry on the cake. Many advance salary apps offer additional discounts when you shop or book through partner groups. App-based loans to offer much lower interest rates. Considering the current inflation trends, this is extra saving.

  1. Flexible Repayment Terms

When we say that the entire process is online, we literally mean it. These apps allow the borrower to calculate EMIs and choose a suitable repayment schedule. The flexible tenure allows creditors to consolidate debt, pay off their bills and feel relieved. Conventional loans have strict repayment schedules and may even drain the borrower in further debt. You can also track your payments and payment dates through the app.

The lending scenario is truly transforming, with the customers at the centre of this evolution. Simply put, there will never be a better time than now to do everything you wanted. From upgrading gadgets, skydiving with friends to indulging in fine dining and adventurous travels, a lavish wedding or buying a vehicle of your choice, an advance salary app can be used to get quick cash loans for everything you need. Don’t push your dreams any longer, download EarlySalary, the most reliable advance salary app and become the best version of yourself.


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