Fulfill Your “Travel Abroad” Dream With Fibe On MakeMyTrip

  • Updated on: 22 Jan 2024
  • Published on: 1 Mar 2020
Fulfill Your “Travel Abroad” Dream With Fibe On MakeMyTrip

Travelling abroad, for many, can feel like a pipe dream at most. With ever-rising expenses and inflation, only a few can fulfill their dreams of traveling to far-off lands. Planning even a short trip to the nearest countries needs a good amount of money, which is why the dream of traveling to new nations remains just a dream for most of us. 
Going on vacation is a new trend among millennials and is no longer an annual event. With people going on vacation and exploring new places more often, the expenses are high as always and may even burn a hole in your pocket. The good news is with a travel loan, you can live your traveling dreams and go to your dream destination with your friends and family. 

With EarlySalary’s travel loans, you don’t have to think about paring down your monthly budget or about asking the people you know for financial help. All you need to do is simply download the app, apply for an instant online personal loan, and you are all set to see the world and live your dreams without making a major dent on your savings.

Benefits of Travel Loans

#1 Grab That Limited Period Deal! 

Been waiting for a holiday season offer for ages, and after finally finding it on MakeMyTrip, you realize you’re short on money? Well, cheer up because EarlySalary’s partnership with MakeMyTrip will help you tick that foreign destination off your bucket list. EarlySalary’s mobile app lets you apply for a travel loan within minutes from your nearest smart device. The loan is approved within 8 to 24 hours of the application upon verification of your documents and credit score. The procedure is entirely online, and so is the approval process. So start packing and get ready for new adventures!

#2 Easy Process, Quick Disbursal 

Planning for an international trip is exhausting. There is only so much that one can anticipate. Hence, at the time of execution, both time and money may pull us back at the eleventh hour. Fibe’s loan application and approval process is complemented by eKYC. Hence, the time taken to approve a travel loan for that flight booking deal on MakeMyTrip or a salary advance is significantly less. With minimal documentation and no collateral required, the application process to avail of a travel loan is beyond simple. Just download the app, upload a few mandatory documents such as address and identity proofs, and get your loan approved in the time it takes to decide what to pack! Get ready to travel to your dream location as soon as your credit is sent straight to your bank account after approval. 

#3 Nominal Interest Rate and App Exclusive Offers 

Last-minute travel plans can need extensive budgeting. Fibe bridges these financial gaps instantly with nominal interest rates, and so you can focus on savoring your important travel moments. 

#4 Flexible Repayment Terms 

Arming yourself with a personal loan for travel can allow you to check every destination off your list without worrying about running out of finances. But of course, the loans come with repayment terms as well. If you have any experience with conventional loans, you’ll know there’s a chance that the repayment period can turn into a source of stress. 

EarlySalary lets you choose your repayment schedules so that you can have a memorable year-end holiday and repay comfortably thereafter. Want 3 EMIs? Feel free to pick them, or go for a 6 EMI repayment schedule if you’d like. And if you decide to repay entirely any time in between, Fibe isn’t going to levy any charges. Say goodbye to rigid repayment schedules with prepayment charges. 
Unless you’re sitting on a stash of airline miles and travel vouchers, it’s wise to anticipate paying a fortune for airfare, cruise tickets, and lodging. Moreover, you’ll still need to cover for food, activities, shopping and local transportation costs. These expenses may make travel a privilege bordering on the unaffordable.
So if you too are an aspiring traveler, apply for a travel loan today on the EarlySalary app. The best trip is one that doesn’t impact your finances.

Spread out the travel cost without scrimping, and quench your wanderlust with EarySalary’s travel loans!


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