Finance Medical Equipment At Home with Fibe’s Personal Loan

  • Updated on: 10 Apr 2023
  • Published on: 24 May 2021
Finance Medical Equipment At Home with Fibe’s Personal Loan

These times of the pandemic have been stressful for all of us. There is a fear on the face of everyone. A slight cough or sneeze makes our bodies shiver. People don’t know what to do next, uncertainty looms all around. It’s difficult for even the doctors and hospitals; there is a dearth of beds and other facilities. No one knows what’s happening; everyone is just trying to take care of the precautions.

In these trying times, when it is next to impossible to get out and get out you get checked for even minor flu seems dangerous. But humans as always have found ways to battle problems in their ways. Dealing with crisis is what all of us have been doing since times immemorial. And this time, we are trying to get our medicines and medical equipment at home after due consultation with the experts.

Having some medical devices at home is not a sign of over fright, but rather a better chance and simple way of first aid in times of a medical emergency. Further, it saves you a lot of time and costs, therefore; it is an immediate lifesaver and helps you get the right home remedy. Some of these medical devices, people could keep at their homes are listed below.

  • Blood Pressure Monitor: A normal blood pressure usually ranges between 110/70 to 120/80. Keeping this at home especially when one of the family members suffers from high or low BP is a must. You can keep track of the person’s levels at regular times and remark in case of any undue fluctuations and then consult the doctor. A record of the BP levels will certainly assist your doctor with prescribing the right and more efficient medication.
  • Pulse Oximeter: This device has become a sort of necessity in times of the COVID-19 virus and its multiple variants. Its job is to detect the oxygen concentration in your blood so that you can check if your numbers are normal for the organs to properly and efficiently function. Inadequacy of oxygen in the blood can cause hypoxemia which might cause your organs to fail. Further, this device also keeps a check on your body pulse ensuring you have the pulse in the normal range. This device can allow prompt action in case of irregularity in the numbers for the affected person.
  • Thermometer: This device is the most essential out there. With so many seasonal changes in weather, there is always a danger of catching a cold, flu, or fever. With children and senior citizens at home, it becomes even more important to have it at home. This is the first step of providing any medication to anyone, checking the temperature hoping it isn’t out of the normal range. A simple tablet might ease your fever, but you need the thermometer to check if you have it. You can get thermometers in both digital and analog (mercury) forms.
  • Pedometers and Weighing scales: Pedometers measure the number of steps you have taken while weighing scales to weigh your body mass. Having a healthy BMI (Body Mass Index) is very important for the human body.

Health and wellness start at home. But financing can be a difficult issue, especially in these times when everyone is facing a cash crunch and a fear looms over taking loans. But Fibe always comes to your rescue. Medical emergencies don’t come at your doorsteps pre-informed; they can come to you anytime. But with an instant personal loan from Fibe, you can consider yourself covered. You can get cash loans as high as Rs 2,00,000 with quite easy procedures. Personal loans can be used for multiple purposes, and financing medical equipment for your home can also be covered through it.

Fibe only asks for simple documentation and basic qualification criteria which enables you to get your instant loan at the tap of your mouse or fingertips, no need to run around looking for financing your needs. No prepayment charges and an instant disbursal into your bank accounts are what can get you out of financial stress.

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