Employee Experience: Why It’s Critical

  • Updated on: 10 Apr 2023
  • Published on: 31 Oct 2019
Employee Experience: Why It’s Critical

Organisations are constantly brimming with different groups of people. These may be their customers, the suppliers, or their trading partners. They often keep into account how their experience has been while associating with their organisation, say the customer experience. Companies take particular care about it and devise various strategies to keep them satisfied and engaged. 

However, these orgs tend to forget about the experience of one important asset – their employees. Companies are content by just keeping their employees satisfied, which is inadequate in today’s competitive environment. We have moved towards working to making employees engaged with the organisation, to a much holistic term – employee experience. 

The employee experience is the collection of all the experiences or interaction an employee has with the organisation. It accounts right from the time when they were a potential employee, to the last minute in the organisation. It can assist organisations learn a great deal about the kinds of problems that the employees face, even the smallest issue that troubles them, to anything that gives them even momentary joy. 

There are multiple reasons why it is critical that employers continue to work towards building a better employee experience. Let’s take a look at a few. 

#1 – Retaining and Attracting Top Talent

Companies are always looking for talented and experienced employees. If your organisation can’t deliver well on good employee experience, your competitor probably will. Employees know the company inside out, so it’s best not to fool them with foosball-table-like perks, but instead, provide them with something valuable. If they know their skills are being productively used, and their contributions are being valued, they’ll want to work for the company for a longer time. 

It also helps with attracting top talent, as the older employees will put up a real picture of how the company works. This can only be acheivee if they have a positive experience. 

#2 – Changing Employee Priorities

With younger people joining the workforce every day, organisations have to adapt to  millennials. Younger employees look beyond paycheck and perks – they want a better experience. They want to be deemed significant to the organisation, they want to be seen and heard. This is a critical aspect of shaping satisfactory employee experience – hearing out your employees. Their ideas and suggestions are as valid and important as the ones by top management. 

Younger employees bring new energy and thinking to the organisation, and to keep them happy, organisations must work towards creating a wholesome employee experience. 

#3 – Improving Productivity at Workplace

When an employee gets a better experience, their productivity is likely to increase as a result. They may feel more involved in their work, and know that their work matters to the organisation. While designing an employee’s experience, the organisation should always consider aligning the goals of the employees with the vision and mission of the organisation. When employees work towards achieving their goals, they concurrently the company’s vision as well. 

#4 – Better Customer Relations

Employees paint the best and the most realistic picture of the organisation for the world outside. If they are satisfied with their work, they will undoubtedly talk it up. Employees may also be interactinv with your customers on a daily basis, and thus, their relations with the organisation can play a pivotal role in building a customer’s relationship with the organisation. Therefore, keeping the employees experience holistic and comprehensive is very critical and beneficial. 

#5 – Profitability 

Working towards building a superior employee experience can seem like expensive business, but it almost certainly isn’t. The results could quite possibly be the best return on your investment. When employees work towards making the organisation better, expect an increase in profitability as well. With better customer relations, positive word of mouth publicity, and even lowered costs. Employees have a larger impact on the profit of business than employers might typically think. 

Organisations would want to strive towards improving employee experience. After all, it does play a pivotal role in building the future and growth of the organisation.


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