EarlySalary announces CarES campaign in its fight against COVID-19

  • Updated on: 26 Dec 2023
  • Published on: 5 Jul 2021
EarlySalary announces CarES campaign in its fight against COVID-19

Times are extremely tough now, especially with the worldwide turmoil created by the Covid-19 pandemic. Fibe hopes that you and your loved ones are healthy, safe, and taking precautions. We are well aware of the problems our team members, friends, and family are facing and we deeply care about the impact the pandemic has caused on everyone. While we are trying our best to comply with the guidelines and regulations set forth to overcome the pandemic, we are also trying to help as many people as we can through CareES, our campaign aimed at fighting coronavirus by giving back to society. 

Being India’s largest consumer lending platform for salaried professionals, we at Fibe are now encouraging our users to come forward and support the nation during these difficult times. In the past, we have managed to reach out to our consumers personally and provide help regarding medical emergencies. As we now face the consequences of the pandemic head-on, under the Fibe CareES campaign, we have taken extra care to prioritize the safety of our team members, customers and partners, while also ensuring business continuity, and helping those in need. 

As a part of the CareES campaign, Fibe has now tied up with MediBuddy and PharmEasy to help fight against COVID-19. The campaign will provide consumers medical services at affordable prices! We realized how we could go one step further in reaching out to our customers. It’s not just in hospitalization; financial help is also required for checkups and boosting our immunities. Our partnership aims to ease the worries of our consumers.

MediBuddy and PharmEasy’s collaboration with Fibe will help our consumers by providing upto 60% discounts + an Additional 20% off on health check-Ups. You can also avail online doctor consultation services at 50% off via MediBuddy. Through this initiative, home delivery of medicines for all the customers will be made available, and there will be a discount of 15% off + 20% cashback via PharmEasy.

Covid-19 has brought significant disruptions to the lives of many Indians. So many families have been financially impacted due to the high treatment costs. Many citizens are worried about whether their health insurance plans will cover the costs of coronavirus disease in hospitalization. In contrast, the health and pharmaceutical industries are booming due to the pandemic. 

In the past, we have significantly donated to Armed Forces Hospital- CHSC in Pune and raised funds for Indian daily wagers under the initiative of the Rotary Club, Pune. What made this initiative even more special was that, despite the difficulties brought upon by the pandemic, all our employees pitched in, donating a part of their salary to the initiative. 

Our employees have always been our topmost concern, and we’re doing our best to ensure their health and well-being. We value our team members like they value our customers. Since our employees are always at the forefront in delivering their best, they too deserve the best. To ensure that they get through these hard times with strength and spirit, we have implemented medical insurance coverage for all our staff. Known as Suraksha Kawach, this insurance is assigned per employee. 

We are also conducting a vaccination drive for our employees in an effort to reduce the impacts of the pandemic not just on our workforce, but on our employees and their families as well. We’ve established a COVID warrior group to help affected employees and their families by providing all necessary assistance. 

To learn more about how our company is combating the pandemic, check out this blog.

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Fibe is India’s most extensive consumer lending application, which provides salaried customers with an easy line of credit, instant cash loans, and salary advances. We have become the preferred line of credit in the digital market of India. We focus on helping our customers with various loans like shopping, travel, education, and medical emergencies. If you require a medical loan check out this blog. We also provide additional facilities like EMI credits and no-cost EMIs with easy repayment options. Fibe has a friendly user interface that allows you to borrow money in an instant. Our instant loan app has over 10 million downloads, and we have disbursed over 1.7 million loans worth Rs.3500 crore.
On the launch of the campaign, Akshay Mehrotra, Co-Founder, and CEO of Fibe said, “In these challenging times, millions of people find themselves adjusting to a new normal as they remain confined within their homes away from friends and peers. All of us are finding different ways to cope with the crisis. With this CareES campaign, we hope to guide people through tips to support their mental health and physical health. We are doing everything possible to support people. Our company is coming together to help us all be better prepared for what lies ahead.


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