Diwali Holidays: 5 Ways to celebrate with Fibe Personal Loan

  • Updated on: 12 Mar 2024
  • Published on: 9 Oct 2023
Diwali Holidays: 5 Ways to celebrate with Fibe Personal Loan

Diwali holidays are the most fun and relaxing break that many look forward to. It is a significant festival across India, which usually rolls around in October-November. 

In 2024, it falls on the last day of October and around the weekend, allowing you to plan a grand celebration. However, grand celebrations often translate into grand expenses. Thankfully, an Instant Personal Loan from Fibe can help you cover these costs easily.

Read on to know what is the date of Diwali this year and how you can celebrate it with a personal loan. 

What is the Date of Diwali in 2024?

The festival signifies the commencement of a new year as per the Hindu calendar. The celebrations will start on Tuesday, 29th October, with Dhanteras. On this auspicious day, people buy:

  • New clothes
  • Lights
  • Lamps
  • Gold
  • Vehicles
  • Utensils

On 31st October, houses come alive with decorations and people exchange gifts for Choti Diwali. After that, the main festivities come into full swing on 1st November with Lakshmi Puja, which includes: 

  • Illuminating your place with diyas and lanterns
  • Decorating your home with flowers and rangoli
  • Indulging in delicious sweets
  • Exchanging gifts with friends and family
  • Seeking blessings for well-being and prosperity

The festive spirit continues with the Padwa and Govardhan Puja celebrations on 2nd November and Bhai Duj on 3rd November. This completes the festivities with a spirit of togetherness. 

How Can You Celebrate Diwali with a Personal Loan from Fibe?

Diwali is a festive occasion, and here are several ways in which you can celebrate it this year:

  • Book a Trip to Visit Family and Friends

The festival is more fun when celebrated with loved ones. You can visit relatives and friends by financing your trip with an Instant Loan from Fibe. With approval in less than 10 minutes, you need not wait long to begin the preparations!

After meeting your loved ones, you can celebrate by preparing dishes like:

  1. Laddoos
  2. Burfi
  3. Gulab Jamun
  4. Halwa Poori
  5. Chole Bhature
  • Finance a Family Vacation

Across the country, people celebrate this festival in different styles. During this holiday, you can visit:

  1. Varanasi ghats to witness thousands of lamps during the grand Ganga Aarti
  2. Punjab to see the well-lit Golden Temple
  3. The vibrant City of Joy, Kolkata, for the Kali puja and enjoy the delicious food
  4. Jaipur and Udaipur for their folk performances and beautiful lighting
  5. Ayodhya to visit the Ram Mandir
  6. Delhi to explore markets such as Lajpat Nagar, Chandni Chowk, etc.

A Fibe Personal Loan allows you to finance your travels affordably, regardless of your destination. 

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  • Refurbish and Decorate Your House

During Diwali, renovation and decoration of homes is a vital part of the celebration. Here are some tips:

  1. Get your house painted
  2. Purchase new furniture and fittings
  3. Remodel your kitchen
  4. Add lights to your exteriors and interiors
  5. Do up your entrance
  6. Invest in home security

With a Diwali loan, you can give your home a new look without any hassles.

  • Purchase Gifts for Yourself and Your Family

Friends and family exchange gifts during Diwali to symbolise appreciation and love. For the 2024 Diwali celebration, you can explore various gifting ideas, like:

  1. Jewellery
  2. Clothes
  3. Latest gadgets
  4. Home décor items
  5. Laxmi Ganesh idols
  6. Puja thali
  7. Potted plants and flowers
  8. Gift baskets with treats or fruits
  9. Gold or silver coins

You can get Instant Personal Loans up to ₹5 lakhs from Fibe. This ensures you have the financial flexibility to reflect your affection and happiness. 

  • Organise Diwali Celebrations in Your Community

You can also celebrate Diwali with your neighbours by:

  1. Arranging a small Diwali mela in your community centre or ground
  2. Lighting up and decorating the apartment complex or sector
  3. Putting together a potluck with festive sweets and dishes and exchanging gifts
  4. Organising rangoli-making or decoration competitions

You can also organise plays of Diwali legends, like:

  1. The return of Lord Rama to Ayodhya
  2. The release of Guru Hargobind Jehangir
  3. The coming back of Pandavas to Hastinapur
  4. Goddess Lakshmi’s birth after Samudra Manthan

To finance these expenses, you can easily get a Fibe Instant Personal Loan of up to ₹5 lakhs and repay conveniently for up to 36 months.

Why Choose the Fibe Personal Loan?

Diwali holidays are a time of fun and celebrating it to the fullest can require substantial funding. With Fibe, you can get a Personal loan in just 2 minutes and at competitive interest rates starting at 2% per month. 

Here are some other top benefits and features you can enjoy:

  • Simple digital application for your convenience
  • Quick processing and disbursal
  • Easy-to-meet eligibility criteria and minimal document requirements
  • Accessible options for borrowing multiple times
  • Pre-closure without any additional charges

Take a Personal Loan from Fibe and enjoy the 2024 Diwali break in the best way possible. To get started, download our Personal Loan App or register on the website. 

FAQs on Financing Diwali Holidays with Fibe

Deepavali is on which date in 2024?

This year, people will celebrate the festival on Thursday, 31st October 2024.

What is the muhurat time for Diwali in 2024?

Muhurat time for Lakshmi Puja for Diwali in 2024 is:

  • Start: 05:36 PM
  • End: 06:16 PM

How can a personal loan help you during Diwali? 

To celebrate Diwali in 2024, you can fund all your expenses with Fibe’s Instant Personal Loan, as it comes with no end-use restrictions. With this instant credit solution, you can:

  • Renovate and decorate your home
  • Purchase gold
  • Get a new vehicle
  • Buy gifts for your family
  • Go on a Diwali vacation
  • Organise Laxmi puja
  • Purchase home items or the latest gadgets
  • Invest in stocks or mutual funds

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