Desire a steep price tag item? How to smartly tackle your shopping wish list.

  • Updated on: 10 Apr 2023
  • Published on: 31 Jan 2020
Desire a steep price tag item? How to smartly tackle your shopping wish list.

With seasonal sales always on the horizon and e-commerce giants often announcing festive season best-ever sales on their websites, ‘Not Shopping’ is hardly an option for the consumer (or even the utilitarian). The internet is constantly flooded with coverage of online sales on Flipkart, Amazon, Myntra, and many more. Anything and everything you need to make the year worth may be put on sale. 

As we surf through websites and apps to grab the best deal, we not only buy products that we need but also products on which we don’t want to miss offers and deep discounts. Whether you are browsing with a list or without a list, it’s hard to ignore shopping and sales. Gadgets and electronic appliances come with a steep price tag and hence, even when you have sufficient funds, splurging it all to get just one product may make your monthly finances suffer. A shopping loan can come to the rescue in such situations. With quick online loan approval and disbursal and flexible repayment options, personal loans can fulfill your shopping list without burdening your monthly expenses. 

Whatever be the reason behind shopping, it requires funds, of course. If you haven’t parked a good amount for it then you may find yourself in a situation of money crunch. Impulsive shopping can hurt your monthly budget. However, situations like these can be avoided by taking a personal loan. 

Personal loan apps such as EarlySalary feature an entirely online loan application process, including document submission. You only need to arrange for your KYC documents like PAN, Aadhar and address proof. Naturally, the time for approval and disbursement is significantly reduced on these instant personal loans. If you are eligible as per the defined criteria, your loan will be approved within hours.

No documentation is needed to indicate a specific purpose for availing the loan or where you are going to use it. It can be used for anything as per your requirements. 

An instant cash loan is one of the best ways to grab an ongoing sale, as they are quick in disbursal. These loans do not help you finance your shopping urges, but also help you plan finances in a better way through flexible repayment options. Another advantage of personal loans is that they are collateral-free, you do not have to put any of your valuables in a lien. 

Should You Take A Personal Loan For Shopping?

Well, the answer depends on the context. A shopping loan’s justifications depend on the products that you buy. Availing loans for shopping during sales for utility items such as furniture for the home, kitchen appliances or a computer can save enough money in terms of opportunity cost. Loans for impulsive shopping disorders are, of course, not recommended. The deals may tempt you, but resisting those temptations is important to avoid getting into a debt trap, similar to how we must treat credit cards

Whether it’s a festival or a sale, a purchase decision should ideally be taken if it is a need or if the opportunity cost of delaying the decision is higher.  Make the right choices and spread big-ticket shopping expenses across several months with personal loans in the form of small and affordable EMIs.


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