Top 7 Courses to learn and Upskill in the AI Era

  • Updated on: 25 Apr 2024
  • Published on: 18 Apr 2024
Top 7 Courses to learn and Upskill in the AI Era

To say that AI has transformed the way we work is an understatement. Across industries like healthcare, manufacturing, IT, real estate, wealth advisories and more, AI has brought disruption at an unprecedented scale. As per a report by Nasscom and Boston Consulting Group, the market for AI in India will grow at a CAGR of 27% until 2027. 

With the introduction of GenAI especially, thanks to ChatGPT and Dall e, efficiency and skills have attained a whole new meaning. This is why keeping up by choosing relevant courses on AI has become more important than ever. 

Best Artificial Intelligence Courses to Sign Up For in 2024

Artificial intelligence is and can be used across specialisations and domains. To ensure you get the most out of your course and improve your earning potential, choose general courses first. Then go on for niche courses that interest you and suit your professional domain. 

GenAI for Everyone

This course explains the basics of generative artificial intelligence that can produce content and video. It is offered by Fractal Analytics and you can sign up for it through Coursera. Take the course to learn about how GenAI can help power chatbots, marketing content and more. 

CS50’s Introduction to Artificial Intelligence with Python

This free course from Harvard University covers topics that beginners in computer science can understand. From graph search algorithms and machine learning to artificial intelligence principles, it covers a wide range of topics. By the end of it, you can learn how to use AI in Python programs. 

Introduction to ChatGPT

New to the world GenAI and the free chatbot that is creating waves the world over? Sign up for this course on edX to learn everything from ChatGPT’s most basic capabilities to its most advanced features. From customising it to fuel your needs to building other chatbots using ChatGPT, this course gives you an introduction to it all. 

Machine Learning and AI with Python

Another free learning module from Harvard University, this course delves into how complex decision-making can be approached with ML and AI models. With basic knowledge of Python, you can leverage this course to understand decision trees, recognise data bias in ML and get ready for a career in data science. 

AI in Marketing

Developed by IIT Roorkee, you can sign up for this course through Swayam. Through this course, you will learn how AI can be leveraged to conduct market research, understand customer behaviour and buying decisions. You will also learn how to use AI to boost brand equity and the ethical concerns to be aware of when harnessing it for business marketing purposes. 

AI and Public Health

Have you heard of AI for Good, where innovators come together to harness the power of artificial intelligence to design practical solutions and improve lives? If you are socially and environmentally conscious, this artificial intelligence course online by DeepLearning.AI will help you learn how to solve real-world issues.

Building Systems with the ChatGPT API

Another course by DeepLearning.AI that you can access at Coursera, this one is ideal for you as a beginner-level software developer. Understand large language models and build chains of prompts to come up with your own chatbot with multi-step reasoning. 

While this list of courses in artificial intelligence is sure to help you, you can access a whole range of digital platforms online and upskill yourself virtually. Don’t want to stop at one? Complete as many courses as you choose with easy and fast EdTech financing from Fibe. You can get up to ₹5 Lakhs to fund your online courses and repay in low-cost or no-cost EMIs. Simply visit our partner platforms, meet our simple eligibility criteria and apply online. 

FAQs on Upskilling With AI Courses

Which is the best course to learn AI? 

The best artificial intelligence course online depends on your prior knowledge and experience. As a beginner, you can benefit from courses like ‘AI for Everyone’ by DeepLearning.AI and ‘AI Foundations for Everyone’ by IBM. 

Which degree is best for AI? 

While there are PG and MS degrees that focus on AI today, if you have a degree in computer or data science, you can get opportunities in this field. However, you can also learn about it no matter what you have studied previously. For instance, the ‘Professional Certificate in Computer Science for Artificial Intelligence’ course allows you to upskill without any CS knowledge. The ‘Artificial Intelligence Nanodegree’ can help you get familiar with developing AI solutions. 

How do I become an expert in Generative AI?

There are many generative AI certifications you can receive with online learning modules. Some choices you have include:

  • Building Generative AI Skills for Business Professionals on LinkedIn
  • Generative AI Learning Path by Google
  • Prompt Engineering for ChatGPT by Vanderbilt University via Coursera 
  • Generative AI with Large Language Models by DeepLearning.AI via Coursera

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