How to check the validity of a Credit Card? 4 Ways you can try

  • Published on: 4 Dec 2023
How to check the validity of a Credit Card? 4 Ways you can try

The validity of a credit card is something that you may wonder about: Why does it exist and what purpose does it serve? Before you find out why a credit card’s expiry date is important, keep in mind that knowing when it expires is the key to using it seamlessly for all your transactions. 

After all, you can only use your card until its validity period, after which it cannot be used. Know how to check if a credit card is active, the importance of credit card validity, and more below. 

Ways to Check Credit Card Validity

You can conveniently check the validity of a credit card using these 4 ways: 

Physical Card

You can find your credit card’s expiry date on your physical credit card. This 4-digit number:

  • Appears on the top side of the credit card
  • Typically seen in the month and year format

The first two digits refer to the month and the next two are connected to the year. For instance, if the expiry date is listed as 04|26 on your card, it means that is card is valid until April 2026. Make sure that you apply for a renewal in March 2026 itself. 

Customer Care

Another way of checking the validity of a credit card is by getting in touch with your bank or issuer’s customer support team. Financial companies have a dedicated team to provide support for all queries related to your card and you can find its contact information on the official website. Talk to the representative to know the expiration date of your credit card. 

Online Banking

You can also get your credit card’s expiration date through your internet banking account. Simply log in to your account and navigate to the credit card section. Click on the card and you will be able to see the details related to it, including its validity. Keep in mind that this process may also include an additional verification step before you can access your card details. 

Mobile App

Using the mobile app of the financial institution is another easy way you can understand your card’s validity. Install and launch the issuer’s app and log in using your credentials to find the required information. 

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Importance of Credit Card Validity

Here are the top reasons why the validity of a credit card is limited to a certain time period. 

Prevents Fraud

Apart from providing the card’s validity, this 4-digit number also adds a layer of security to safeguard your finances. When it comes to online transactions, entering the expiration date and the CVV number for verification is a common mandate. In such cases, if scammers or unscrupulous individuals have your credit card number, they still need the expiry date and the CVV to complete the transaction. 

Supports Card Updates

With the rapid technological advances in the financial sector, financial institutions frequently implement updates for a seamless experience. New security and accessibility-related features are incorporated into your credit cards regularly. The expiration and renewal of your credit cards ensure that you have the latest version of the card. 

As you can see, knowing your credit card expiry date helps you use it seamlessly. It helps you stay secure and renew your credit card on time too. To boost the security you enjoy, choose the 

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FAQs on Validity of a Credit Card

Can I check my credit card expiration date online?

Yes, you can check the expiration date of your credit card online via your net banking account or through the lender’s mobile app. Log in using your credentials and navigate to the credit card details section to know your credit card validity.

What is the 4-digit expiration date on a credit card?

Financial institutions use a 4-digit MM/YY format for credit card expiry dates. ‘MM’ is the expiry month, and ‘YY’ is the year. For instance, if your credit card is expiring in April 2028, the date will be written as ’04/28′.

What is the card number CVV and expiry date?

This 3-digit code stands for Card Verification Value and usually appears on the back of the card. In contrast, the expiry date is a 4-digit number that denotes the validity of a credit card. Usually, you need both these numbers to verify transactions through your card.


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