Check status for PAN card with the help of UTI: A guide

Published on: 17 July 2023

Check status for PAN card with the help of UTI: A guide

Nowadays, you can check status for PAN card with the help of UTI. Having a PAN card is essential for various activities, like:

  • Making your income tax payments
  • Getting tax deductions
  • Accessing financial services like loans

Your PAN is also emerging as an acceptable identity proof that you can use while opting for a loan, opening a bank account or even boarding a flight! With the help of UTITSL, which stands for UTI Infrastructure Technology and Services Limited, you can effortlessly check status for PAN card. 

UTIITSL is an IT services company owned by the government, which provides financial services.  It helps you apply for your PAN through its many service centres, receives it from the Income Tax Department and mails you a printed copy. Apart from offering PAN card services, it also works with various financial companies. 

Read on to know the steps you need to follow to check status for PAN card on UTI and more.

How to check status for PAN card on UTI

You can easily check your PAN card status from UTI’s website. Simply follow these steps to get an update on your PAN card application status.

  • Step 1: Visit or visit and select ‘PAN Card Services’ on the home page and choose ‘Track PAN Card’ under ‘PAN Services’
  • Step 2: Then, enter your PAN ‘Application Coupon number’ or your PAN number, if you have received it
  • Step 3: Now add your date of birth in the next cell 
  • Step 4: Lastly, enter the captcha code you see on the screen and click ‘Submit’

You will then learn your PAN card status from UTI. The process is easy and takes only a few minutes to complete. 

Importance of PAN card

A PAN card is essential for a variety of activities. From getting insurance to buying a car, property or jewellery, your PAN card is critical. So, ensure you apply for one if you don’t already have it. It is unique to you, and no one can have more than one PAN number. Check out the various uses of your PAN card below. 

Filing your income tax 

The main purpose of a PAN card is to facilitate easy income tax filing. It helps you get information regarding all taxes collected on your behalf and allows you to get all the data in one place. It aids the government in tracking your income and helps to check your compliance with the income tax rules and regulations of the country. 

Availing tax deductions

Yet another benefit of a PAN card is that you can avail of tax deductions through it. It is an essential document that holds key information regarding your income and expenditure. Thus, it is mandatory while availing tax deductions since it helps in verifying your transactions and other information regarding your tax liabilities. 

Opening a bank account or getting a credit card

Your PAN card is an identifier, acting as proof of your identity. It contains your name, date of birth, and also contains your photograph. Thus, it helps banks verify your identity and prevent fraud. So, you need it to open a bank account, be it a current or savings account, as well as to apply for a credit card. 

Investing in various instruments

Today, your PAN card is also an essential document required when investing in various avenues to grow your wealth. Whether you are investing in bonds, mutual funds or the stock market, a PAN card is a must-have document. It serves the twin purposes of helping the issuer or AMC verify your identity and linking your earnings to your name for taxes. 

Availing Credit

Your PAN card is typically required by lenders when you apply for credit too. This helps them check your credibility, your financial standing and compliance with income tax rules. Since it is a mandatory document that most lenders require, availing of credit can be difficult without a PAN card.

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FAQs on how to check PAN card status from UTI

How can I check my PAN card status with my PAN number?

You can check status for PAN card in multiple ways. For instance, you can track PAN on UTIITSL by entering your 10-digit PAN number. You can also call the UTI helpline on +91 33 40802999 or 033 40802999 and give your PAN number to check the status.

How to track a PAN card?

You have the option of tracking your PAN card status in various ways. You can check status for PAN card through SMS, telephone and online through UTI or Protean. 

How can I check my UTI PAN status by SMS?

To check status for PAN card through SMS, you need to send your application acknowledgment number on 57575. Once you send this 15-digit number, you will get a reply with the current status of your PAN card.

How to check PAN card status without an acknowledgment number in UTI?

If you wish to check your PAN card status, UTI’s website can help even without your application coupon number. If you have received your PAN card number, you can use it on the UTIITSL site to check the status. 

Can we check PAN card status with an Aadhaar number?

As of now, you can only check if your PAN and Aadhaar numbers are linked by using your Aadhaar number on the IT Department’s official website.

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