Bank Holidays In India 2024

  • Updated on: 12 Mar 2024
  • Published on: 9 Oct 2023
Bank Holidays In India 2024

Reserve Bank of India (RBI) regulates bank holidays in India, be it for public or private-sector banks. Thus, all banks in India follow the same schedule for holidays and the days that they remain closed. 

Read on to learn about the different bank holidays of 2024.

Types of Bank Holidays in India in 2024

There are three classifications of bank holidays:

National Holidays 

  • National holidays, or gazetted holidays, are the days across India
  • Banks remain closed in all parts of India on any national holiday
  • Some prominent holidays include Independence Day, Republic Day, Gandhi Jayanti, Diwali and Holi 

Central Government Holidays

  • These holidays are days announced as bank holidays by the Central Government
  • All banks across India remain closed on these days 

State Government Holidays

  • Only state banks remain closed on these days
  • It includes days which are important for the respective states, such as Goa Liberation Day, Maharashtra Day and Haryana Day 

Bank Holidays in 2024

Here is a list of all national and government bank holidays in India for 2024:

26th JanuaryFridayRepublic Day
25th March MondayHoli
29th March FridayGood Friday
10th AprilWednesdayEid-ul-Fitr
14th AprilSundayDr Ambedkar Jayanti
17th AprilWednesdayRam Navami
21st AprilSundayMahavir Jayanti  
1st MayWednesdayMay Day
23rd MayThursdayBuddha Purnima
16th JuneSundayEid al-Adha
17th JulyWednesdayMuharram
15th AugustThursdayIndependence Day
19th AugustMondayRaksha Bandhan
26th AugustMondayJanmashtami 
7th SeptemberSaturdayGanesh Chaturthi
16th SeptemberMondayEid-e-Milad
2nd OctoberWednesdayGandhi Jayanti
12th OctoberSaturdayNavaratri / Dussehra
31st OctoberThursdayDiwali
3rd NovemberSundayBhai Dooj
15th NovemberFridayGuru Nanak Jayanti
25th DecemberWednesdayChristmas Day

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Second and Fourth Saturday Bank Holidays

Here are all bank holidays of 2024 in terms of Saturdays:

13th JanuarySecond Saturday
27th JanuaryFourth Saturday
10th FebruarySecond Saturday
24th FebruaryFourth Saturday
9th MarchSecond Saturday
23rd MarchFourth Saturday
13th AprilSecond Saturday
27th April  Fourth Saturday
11th MaySecond Saturday
25th MayFourth Saturday
8th June  Second Saturday
22nd JuneFourth Saturday
13th JulySecond Saturday
27th JulyFourth Saturday
10th AugustSecond Saturday
24th AugustFourth Saturday
14th SeptemberSecond Saturday
28th SeptemberFourth Saturday
12th OctoberSecond Saturday
26th OctoberFourth Saturday
9th NovemberSecond Saturday
23rd NovemberFourth Saturday
14th DecemberSecond Saturday
28th DecemberFourth Saturday

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FAQs on Bank Holidays in India

What bank holidays are there in 2024?

These are the days when banks in India remain closed. These include:

  • Holidays that apply across India
  • Holidays that are celebrated regionally 
  • Second and fourth Saturday of every month

How many bank holidays are there in India?

By counting all the major holidays and Saturdays, there are over 45 bank holidays in 2024.


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