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An Intimate ThankYou: EarlySalary’s #ThanksAMillion (Handshake) Campaign, By The Numbers

  • Updated on: 10 Apr 2023
  • Published on: 6 Feb 2020
An Intimate ThankYou: EarlySalary’s #ThanksAMillion (Handshake) Campaign, By The Numbers

Compiled By: Sudesh Shetty
About Sudesh: He is the Founding Member and Head of Marketing at Fibe. Backed by over 10 years of experience in digital advertising and marketing, Sudesh has driven Fibe (Formerly EarlySalary) with innovative and excellent marketing strategies that boost brand awareness, profitability, and growth.

We at EarlySalary, recently achieved a milestone befitting our title of India’s most popular lending app for salaried individuals – we successfully disbursed 1 million loans! Sure, this was cause for celebration. But our customers deserved more than the typical corporate thankyou message. This is why we decided to lead the industry again, this time in celebrating milestones, by engaging in 2-way communication with all our customers.

Call for entries were rolled out to existing customers, who were asked to post their one in a million stories. To participate, they had to share their experience with EarlySalary on social media platforms using the hashtag #ThanksAMillion.

The technology pioneers that we’ve been in the credit space, we decided to put our minds to use on creating a virtual handshake feature in the EarlySalary app, hoping to connect deeper with our audience and deliver a more intimate thankyou.

The feature was triggered when customers shook their smartphone and allowed them to unlock exciting prizes as a reward on the momentous occasion of us achieving the 1 million salary advances mark. 

In order to ensure the best gifting experience, EarlySalary is associated with reputed brands like OYO, Zoomcar, EaseMyTrip & Enrich. Of course, support from social media giants like RVCJ Media made this possible – with the brand engaging in the innovative meme marketing format that it is known for. Influencers on Instagram were happy to support us as well, boosting our own efforts where we put out two video advertisements featuring original stories from customers whose lives we touched.

Much like our success in revolutionizing the country’s credit sector, we saw similar results here. With over 24 million in combined impressions across all social media platforms, this exercise in gratitude was a resounding success, and certainly a humbling experience. 

Here’s us breaking it down for you by the numbers

4 Million Impressions on #ThankAMillion

Our hashtag of gratitude – #ThanksAMillion – was an instant success on Twitter. It generated over 4 million tweets from users, who shared their experiences and sent the hashtag trending on the platform. Another hashtag – #ShakeHandsWithAnApp

10 Million Impressions #ShakeHandsWithAnApp

Discussions on our innovative new app handshake went incredibly viral on social media, getting more than thousands of entries and clocked nearly 10 Million impressions on Twitter. 

1.5 L handshakes reaching over 25 million online

Over 1.5L people shook hands with the EarlySalary app, while videos shared online were viewed over 7.3 million times. In total, the campaign touched over 24 million people across platforms.

EarlySalary’s video campaign wasn’t to be left behind, reaching nearly 18 million people with over 4 million views.

In case you’ve been living under a rock – EarlySalary provides young working professionals an easy line of credit, instant cash loans, interest-free EMIs and other long term loans in sectors such as education, travel, shopping, etc.

In conclusion, we’re beyond thrilled to exhibit the rather impressive results of proper planning and execution powering campaigns. We achieved high social media reach, connected deeply with our audience, gauged feedback, and were fortunate to introduce our product to a fresh set of customers. Most importantly though, we’re glad our audience was entertained and responded positively. There can be no better validation 🙂 


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