5 Reasons a Salary Advance is All We Need


21 February 2023

5 Reasons a Salary Advance is All We Need

For a lot of students fresh out of college plunging straight into the work environment, it can be not easy to keep up with all the added expenses. Employees often borrow money from home or live a very frugal lifestyle towards the end of the month. This isn’t very uncommon – setting yourself up in a new city can require a lot of extra cash and this is where the concept of a salary advance would really help. But it isn’t just relocation that can render you short on cash – salary advances can prove useful in a variety of other situations. In case it wasn’t obvious – a salary advance involves paying an employee a part of his pay in advance and covering it up in later instalments.

#1 Convenience and flexibility

It is no secret that sanctioning a loan from a bank is no small task. A salary advance is much more convenient with its procedures and is flexible with the amount and interest rates as compared to a loan. In most cases, the salary advance is deducted from future payslips, which makes the repayment easier. You don’t need to save up the money separately for the repayment of the advance. You can also borrow any amount – it need not be a very hefty sum, which can be paid off by the succeeding month itself. Apps like Fibe have a dynamic borrowing limit, allowing separate limits for all kinds of expenditure. So the salary advance does not require immense or detailed planning.

#2 Unexpected Emergencies

Not everything is predictable. A sudden sickness or hospitalisation can throw our expenses off track. During such times, instead of breaking into fixed deposits or taking an emergency loan with a high-interest rate, a salary advance can seem like a far better option. This helps avoid huge expenditure cuts in the future. In fact, the money need not be used only for emergency cases. A salary advance can help you get started even on long term plans such as buying a house or a car. A salary advance helps you pay off a large and sudden amount of money, be it hospital bills, credit card bills, or money for a vacation.

Shop now, Pay Later. Fibe helps with any untoward expenses.

#3 Easy repayment

A traditional personal loan from a bank often comes with strict and stringent payment dates regulated by the bank. The lack of money at such times often results in higher EMIs (equal monthly instalments) with every succeeding defaulted month. Salary advances, on the other hand, have an easy repayment scheme. More often than not, they are directly deducted from your paycheque itself. If not, the repayment schemes are aligned with the payday to avoid any lack of cash during the repayment period.

#4 Quick disbursal

Contrary to the practice at banks, salary advances do not require much time and are not a tedious job. The weeks of paperwork and the time taken to sanction and get loans approved takes a long time, and hence may not be the best idea when you are in urgent need of some cash. Salary advances are much quicker since it basically gets rid of any work with a middleman. There are many apps available today that help with securing a Salary advancement.

#5 Low-interest rates 

Salary advances have very nominal interest rates. This helps avoid piling on to the already existing cash crunch that you may have. Salary advances also levy interest rates only on the money that is drawn and used, as opposed to banks where the interest is levied on the accumulated amount as soon as it is disbursed.

Salary advances benefit both the employer and the employee and prevent employees from going into any cash crunches from their early days of employment. Salary advance applications are making the process more seamless and hassle-free with their instant approval and quick cash transfer.

FAQs on How to get a salary advance

How to get a salary advance?

Getting a Salary Advance from Fibe is simple and instantly provided your organisation is providing you with this facility. If yes, then all you need to do is follow a few easy steps:

  • Check for a banner on your CRM portal or an email from your HR with a link
  • Click on the link and apply through Fibe App or the official website
  • Register with your mobile number, enter your basic details and upload KYC documents
  • Select the loan amount, choose the repayment tenure and get an instant approval

How does salary advance work?

 If your organisation provides you with this facility, then you can access your salary at any point in time through Salary Advance. With Fibe, you can get up to ₹5 lacs directly to your bank account in 10 minutes at an interest rate of 0.5% with flexible repayment tenure. You can use the money without restrictions or limits.

What is a pay advance?

Salary or pay advance refers to the same financing concept. They just act as synonyms for each other.

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