What Will Be the Role of the HR in the Post Covid Workspace?

  • Updated on: 26 Dec 2023
  • Published on: 27 May 2021
What Will Be the Role of the HR in the Post Covid Workspace?

COVID-19 has changed the global outlook and it is difficult to see what we would call normal. While some regions are on their way to recovery, most places are seeing a rise in cases, new waves, and even new epidemics around as a supplement to COVID. Human Resources are a function that is multifaceted by nature. 

And these times have called for better and resolute HR policies and programs for employee welfare and overall organization’s benefit. 

The sustainability of such decisions taken will always be a matter of immense significance. The pandemic has created the ‘new normal’ we have been staying in. In these situations, it is difficult to understand and analyze how the future will look and how HR can take responsible decisions about that.

Presence of Remote Working

Remote working is expected to stay, given the lasting impact it has on the employees. Many employees and organizations are now contemplating working in this set environment of remote work. It reduces commutes, and effectively a lot of related  costs. But in that case, HR managers have the new role of considering changes to accommodate remote working for a long time which might have decisions about employee welfare, engagement, legal compliance, etc. 

Yes, there are lower costs and greater flexibility through remote working, but then HR has to consider wellbeing risks associated with lack of face-to-face communication, isolation, inefficiencies of video conferencing, and similar problems.

Engagement and Retention

Employee engagement can be understandably challenging given the new remote working environment. Employees can feel disconnected from the organization. Company values must be reinforced by keeping employees connected and engaged. There are several online mediums like chat rooms that can be used as an engagement tool with HR behind the wheel. Further, if employees feel you are on their side by keeping their stress levels low and making perks available, retention is always reinforced as the loyalty to the organization increases.

Workforce Planning with Skills and Protection

Certain sectors of the economy like health professionals and delivery people deserve greater appreciation which should be reinforced by the organization and the HR must ensure that it always leads in these matters. 

Employees should be encouraged to take up side-gigs or train in new skills given the downturn in people’s moods and working patterns. These skills should be embedded with their work and employees should be protected in all ways possible. Executive pay cuts and better rights of employees will be some of the defining issues in the post-COVID world.

Business Sustainability Practices

COVID-19 has given the foundation for climate change-related issues and thereby raising a platform for green and sustainable business. The environmental impact due to people staying at homes due to COVID is visible to everyone. 

Creating an office environment by reducing emissions via different arrangements seems to be an influential prospect. Even though the planet is recovering in these times, HR needs to consider the post effects of this situation. This can be achieved through following some sustainable development goals. Even though some positive changes might rebound in a negative direction, HR should understand and analyze the impacts and make relevant changes.

The times are challenging as well as competitive for many of the employers. Organizations are various types of schemes and programs to take the most benefit out of it. One of these strategies includes the presence of financial wellness programs. Fibe’s Financial Wellness covers many aspects of employees’ financial welfare like salary advances, financing of school fees, and tackling medical emergencies among others.

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