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What Makes Fibe One Of The Most Preferred Loan Lenders in India?

  • Updated on: 5 Mar 2024
  • Published on: 13 Dec 2020
What Makes Fibe One Of The Most Preferred Loan Lenders in India?

We all experience a financial crunch when our monthly expenses go over the limit. Instant loan applications are the ideal solution to save you from those inconvenient cash crunches. Since there is no need for physical documentation or even to meet in person to get your loan, it takes less time for the loan approval, after which the amount is disbursed straight into your account. The time taken for loan approval depends from one app to another.

What makes Fibe so popular?

Fibe is preferred by young employees because of its speedy disbursal of loans and user-friendly interface. It is the ideal alternative that provides several benefits through a secured online loan app. Fibe provides instant loans to users with less documentation, as long they procure a salary of Rs 18,000 or more every month. Those qualified can apply for loans from Rs 5,000 up to Rs 5 lakh, for rates as low as Rs 9 per day. Fibe has partnered with Amazon and Flipkart for shopping loans too.

Why should you use the EarlySalary app?

Online loan apps in India are now beyond the niche stage. Instead, they’ve rapidly become popular due to the many benefits they provide – customized repayment plans, easy loan plans, the simple application process, and 24X7 tracking. With Fibe, customers enjoy a quick, paperless, and trouble-free way to get personal loans and a one-stop solution during a financial emergency. 
One of the biggest challenges that people always face is having to visit a bank for loan purposes. Standing in long queues, going through a lengthy documentation process, and then preparing rounds of security checks before finally getting the loan approved. With the introduction of online loan apps such as Fibe, getting personal loans has become easier and convenient. These are the reasons why Fibe is one of the most preferred loan applications in India! 

  • Quick loan approval: Fibe provides fast approval facilities to its users. When you apply for a loan on the app, you will see whether loans are getting approved, or how the repayment plan is chalked out, or how much you can apply for in a shorter duration. This is very different from what happens if you approach a bank: you can fill out a form online, but it may take you a while to get a response (someone may need to review the request, and you may even need to visit a branch in person).
  • Better interest rates on loans: The interest rates at EarlySalary won’t make a hole in your pocket. It not only provides lower interest rates but also reduced service costs (if any). They have no comparable overheads with local branches as bankers do not have the same regulatory costs. That means that you end up paying a fraction of overhead and additional costs.
  • Easier approval: Banks have become increasingly cautious over the years. It’s easy to get a loan if you have excellent CIBIL, but you don’t get any benefits if you have a low CIBIL score. However, online apps like EarlySalary may accept weak CIBIL scores and use “alternative” ways to establish your worth.
  • Saves time: In banks, you may have to monitor the process and wait for days to get your loan approved. Applying for loans from banks can turn out to be a long, taxing process. It is not only frustrating but also time-consuming. But when it comes to EarlySalary, the application and approval process is fast and easy, saving time, effort, and money.
  • Loans without collateral: Loan applications on Fibe do not need collateral. Banks almost never provide loans without collateral. . Borrowing is, therefore, safer. When you don’t repay an unsecured loan, your CIBIL values drop, but your assets won’t be taken back and forfeited.

Keeping all the above advantages in mind, Fibe stands out from its competitors, making it one of India’s most preferred loan lenders.
You can contact us for any queries on instant loans, instant credit score checks, and much more!


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