Credit Card Validation and Validators: What do you need to know?

  • Published on: 11 Dec 2023
Credit Card Validation and Validators: What do you need to know?

Credit cards have become increasingly popular and therefore, credit card validation has become more pertinent than ever. The validation process helps ensure the card number is valid. While the process is complex, many online credit card validators make this easier, simpler and quicker. 

Read on to learn how credit card validators work, their importance, benefits and more.

What are Credit Card Validators?

These are tools that help verify the credit card number you provide. In simple terms, an online credit card validator checks whether your card number is valid. It evaluates this by assessing the format of your number and whether it fits the format used by the financial institution. 

Remember, credit card validation done by these tools is only for the card number. These tools do not help verify whether the card is authorised for transactions. Generally, online merchants use these tools to eliminate input errors from the user and ensure that the credit card number entered is structurally valid.

How do Credit Card Validators Work?

These tools carry out the credit card validation through an algorithm that verifies the information against predetermined criteria. The details that these validators check include the following:

  • Personal Account Number (PAN)
  • Issuer Identification Number (IIN)
  • Main Industry Identifier (MII)
  • Checksum
  • Luhn

You can also find different types of CC validators online that check the number’s validity through different algorithms and pieces of information. Here are some common tools you can find:

  • Issuer Identification Number (IIN) Validators

These check the first 4 to 6 digits of your card number, which also makes up the Bank Identification Number (BIN). The validator checks the number by comparing it against a database of valid IIN/BIN. 

  • Luhn Algorithm Validators

This is an online credit card validator that checks if the number provided by you is in a specific format or a pattern.

  • Card Verification Value (CVV) Validators

Validating credit card numbers through these tools entails verifying the 3 to 4 digits generally mentioned at the back of your card.

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How to Use Credit Card Validators

Validating credit card numbers through online validators is simple and requires only basic information. To use the tool, follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Open a CC validator online
  • Step 2: Enter your card number
  • Step 3: Click on the validate option
  • Step 4: Check the validity of your card

Remember, you are entering your credit card number online to use this tool. So, ensure that you choose a safe and credible program to protect your finances and information.

Benefits of Credit Card Validation

Using credit card validators has several benefits, from improving security to lowering failed transactions. Here is a glimpse into some of the top advantages of credit card validation:

  • Reduces Fraud

One of the most significant benefits of validating card numbers is eliminating fraud, as it helps ensure that the number entered matches the cardholder and issuer’s details.

  • Ensures Accuracy

Since these validators check the format of the number, it also aids in boosting the accuracy. If you enter a few numbers in the wrong order or miss out on entering some, you cannot proceed with the transaction. This also helps avoid failed transactions and enhances your experience.

  • Saves Cost

Since online CC validators ensure accuracy, they also help save costs you may incur as a chargeback or penalty in case of entering inaccurate information.

  • Improved Security

Once the merchant verifies the card number you enter, they prioritise ensuring the security of your information. As such, you can make safe transactions and keep your financial data protected.

When it comes to securing your finances from fraud, the type of credit card you choose also holds great importance. This is where the Fibe Axis Bank Credit Card comes into play. A numberless credit card that links to UPI helps eliminate the risks associated with stolen card numbers. 

Along with offering added security, the card has exciting benefits that make every payment rewarding. For instance, you can earn up to 3% cashback on your transactions via this card. You also benefit from seamless transactions as you can pay via UPI without hassles. Download the Fibe Personal App or register on the website to apply and get this credit card today!

FAQs on Credit Card Validation

What is the function of a card verifier?

Using a credit card verifier or validator helps check the card’s authenticity. Through these validators, the recipient of money can ensure that the card being used is valid.

Who verifies credit card information?

Several online credit card validators can help verify the card information. These validators are based on different algorithms and consider different parameters.

How do I check if a credit card is valid?

You can use a CC validator online to check if your card number is valid. These tools generally ask for your credit card number, so make sure you use a credible tool.


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