Simplify Your Loan Life: With the Fibe Credit Suite

  • Updated on: 5 Mar 2024
  • Published on: 7 Dec 2020
Simplify Your Loan Life: With the Fibe Credit Suite

For Fibe, this was a logical evolution of all that we have done so far. After all, our goal has been to assist professionals in their quest for a happier life, backed by financial independence, and of course, the ability to meet emergency needs.

At Fibe, we were beyond excited to announce the introduction of Fibe Credit Suite, a one stop credit solution for all. After all, our Credit Suite is packed with Instant Loans, Personal Loans, a Free Credit Score check, and an all new ‘Salary Card’.

The EarlySalary Credit Suite’s Makes Your Loan Life Simpler

  • Short term loans with a cap of 8000 to 5 lakhs 

It’s a rapidly changing digital era we live in today, and Fibe provides a genuinely new, realistic personal loan alternative. No prolonged paperwork, instant processing times, competitive interest rates, with no fees for prepayment. Lend up to 5 lakhs and have them transferred within minutes to your bank account.

  • With 12-month to 36-month EMI options, long-term personal loans 

You get a window of 12 to 36 months to pay your long term personal loans. You can increase the EMI amount as per your convenience. 

  • The free credit score facility gives a comprehensive snapshot of an individual’s credit financial status 

To find your credit score for free, all you have to do is download the Fibe app. Once you know your credit score, you can apply for personal loans upto Rs 5,00,000 from the app. The approach requires zero physical documentation. You would be required to upload scanned photos of your Aadhaar Card, Voter ID, Passport, Pan Card and a passport size photograph. 

  • The all-new digital Salary Card allows clients to use credit solutions with different personalized features

The ‘Salary Card’ allows customers to set a credit limit to suit their essential needs and expenses like traveling, shopping, medical, etc. Since the ongoing pandemic has created a demand for contactless payments that is here to say, we felt compelled to introduce a digital zero-touch ‘Salary Card’ that could provide you with safe and secure payment solutions.

  • Buying on EMI allows buyers to make payments during the checkout at the ‘Pay Later’ option

Purchase what you want online and pay it back in simple 3 or 6 monthly installments. Whether it’s appliances, electronics, or household products, you can buy now and pay later from Fibe.

Fibe has impacted many lives on this 5-year journey and has undoubtedly helped several first-time working professionals adjust to a new career, a new city, and all the other challenges we face as we tackle our ambitions. Fibe hopes to cater to more customers as consumer aspirations rise and become a lender of choice for every salaried professional in India. 

The Fibe team took several steps to give users a better credit experience over the years. And the introduction of the ‘Credit Suite’ is just another small move that has brought a change in consumer credit experience.

Feel free to contact us for any questions on credit, loans, and your instant cash needs!

Download the instant loan app here, or log in to our website and experience the Credit Suite.


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