Save Environment With Paperless Online Loan from Fibe

  • Updated on: 5 Mar 2024
  • Published on: 5 Jun 2021
Save Environment With Paperless Online Loan from Fibe

The importance of environmental protection and conservation cannot be emphasized enough, particularly in today’s society, where individuals and organisations alike are more concerned with chasing profits than anything else. However, public awareness of numerous environmental challenges has recently increased, and it is in this spirit that we commemorate days such as World Environment Day, Earth Day, and other such events to remind people of the seriousness of the issue. 

With environmental protection becoming the need of the hour in order to ensure humankind’s survival in the coming years, awareness of the importance of protecting the environment has also been growing. In fact, according to a global survey conducted by Accenture in 2020, consumers have “dramatically evolved” since the pandemic began, with over 60% of them becoming more environmentally conscious and incorporating sustainable and ethical behaviors into their daily lives.

More individuals are now active on the issue and clearly doing their part to contribute in ways they can, from simple actions like reusing paper at workplaces to leaving the vehicle or bike at home and riding cycles instead, sharing cabs, and moving to eco-friendly bags.

One such initiative that individuals can take is drastically reducing their paper utilization, whether it is at work, home, school or anywhere else. More paper usage equals more deforestation, thereby making this a critical step to take given the numerous alternatives to paper available, such as e-documents, PDF files, electronic signatures, and so on.

Use of Paperless Banking 

Certainly, utilization of the web and other digital services in everyday affairs has allowed us to limit the utilization of paper. Paperless banking is perhaps the most significant step we can take in our journey towards paper-saving. Through the effective implementation of paperless banking, both banks and individuals can collectively save a lot of time, effort and our environment as well.

Paperless banking encompasses the entire bank and the entirety of its capacities. A paperless banking system allows you to do everything and anything related to banking, from internet banking to account opening and other services, right on the web itself. This definitely shows us how all financial services can be digitized and made accessible online.

Internet banking can be effectively used for various traditional financial practices such as cash withdrawal, cash deposit, fund transfer, balance inquiry, and also to apply for loans. Almost every bank in India offers net banking services on their sites with digital payment features. 

Paperless Personal Loans might have been inaccessible a couple of years ago, but today this is easily accessible in our country and the drastically increasing usage of the internet in the Indian financial sector can be thanked for this. 

Personal Loan Online

These days, the majority of personal loans are applied through the websites or mobile apps of various banks. Not only is this better in terms of convenience, but the processing time of these loans is also much lesser compared to traditional loan application options.  

Here is how online banking and online personal loans are transforming the concepts of traditional banking. 

Improved Security and Privacy 

Security is undoubtedly the most important feature of banking, regardless of whether they are digital or not. Internet banking transactions are typically secured through various methods like client IDs, passcodes, one-time passwords (OTP) and some mobile phones even require fingerprint authentication of users. Some advanced financial services even employ coding, and as a result, data is extremely secure and cannot be hacked. 

24*7 Accessibility

One of the major drawbacks of traditional banks is that you cannot avail banking services beyond working hours. Post working hours, they can’t be accessed by anyone, even if you might be in an emergency. But the benefits of Internet banking have made it feasible to apply for instant personal loans quickly, at any time and from anywhere.

Saves Time and Efforts

Traditional banking approaches also require the physical presence of customers to avail services. One must visit the bank and even if individuals are physically present, a lot of time is wasted by standing in long queues and other application procedures. All these processes are very time consuming and require a lot of effort. A paperless online loan erases all the difficulties of conventional banking methods and allows you to apply for loans at your own pace. 


A Paperless Online Loan provides numerous benefits which anyone can avail easily if he/she has online access. By switching to paperless practices in various aspects of life, including banking, individuals play a significant role in environmental protection. 

This Environment Day, let us all come together to ensure that our actions reflect the theme of this year – “Reimagine, Recreate, Restore”. Let’s all go green and paperless, and play our part in saving the environment. If you’re looking for the best and easiest Paperless Online Personal Loan Services, Fibe is here to help you out. At Fibe, we support World Environment Day endeavors throughout the year by offering a paperless online loan.

Download the personal loan app here, or simply log in to our website and be a part of the #OneSmallStep experience.


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