Pay Credit Card Bill Using Another Credit Card: All You Need to Know

  • Published on: 20 Jun 2024
Pay Credit Card Bill Using Another Credit Card: All You Need to Know

Credit cards give you access to instant funds for all planned and unplanned expenses. So, you may wonder, ‘Can I pay a credit card bill with another credit card?’. While you can use the card without any questions, there are some transactions that you cannot carry out with a credit card. One of these is paying a credit card bill.

Though it is not possible to pay for one card directly with another, there are some alternative ways to make it possible. 

Here are different ways to pay a credit card bill using another credit card. 

Credit Card Balance Transfer

This strategy involves transferring your existing credit card’s outstanding dues to another credit card with a lower interest rate. This is a wise option when your credit card debt is high. 

Using this, you can leverage the no-interest period offered by the new issuer to pay bills comfortably without attracting interest. You can transfer a percentage or the full due amount, allowing you to pay a credit card bill using another credit card. 


  • It is helpful when you have multiple ongoing debts
  • You can avoid interest during the initial periods, helping you keep your dues low
  • You can switch to an issuer with a lower interest rate to enjoy savings 


  • You may have to pay a balance transfer fee ranging from 3% to 5% of the due amount 
  • It can temporarily affect your credit score

Using a Digital Wallet

Another way you can pay a credit card bill with a credit card is via the e-wallet fund transfer. Digital wallets or e-wallets are a convenient option that allows you to make swift online payments. 

By loading money into your wallet, you can easily pay your bills or make online payments at the store. Simply transfer the billing amount from your secondary credit card, and use these funds to pay the primary credit card bill. 


  • You do not have to pay any fees or charges to transfer money into your wallet 
  • This is a fast option, allowing you to pay your credit card bills without any delay
  • You can use more than one credit card to pay your bill 


  • If you are not using a reputable digital wallet app, there is a risk of credit card fraud

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Through Cash Withdrawal 

If your issuer does not allow you to pay a credit card bill using another credit card, a cash advance facility can help. The majority of credit card issuing companies give you this option for emergencies. However, it attracts high charges from the day of the transaction. Hence, it is wise to use this method as a last resort. 

Simply go to your nearest ATM and use your credit card to withdraw cash equal to your credit card billing amount. After depositing the cash into your savings account, you can pay your bill with the same. 


  • You can easily withdraw cash from your nearest ATM 
  • You can get cash without an application process or stating any reason 


  • The interest rate on cash advances is higher than regular rates
  • Withdrawing cash and then depositing it into your savings account can be time-consuming 

By comparing its pros and cons, you can decide how you want to pay a credit card bill with a credit card. This way, you can pay all your bills on time to avoid additional interest and penalties. This option is excellent, especially when you don’t have savings and are waiting for salary credit. 

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FAQs on Credit Card Bill Payment with Credit Card  

Can you use two credit cards for one payment?

You need to transfer funds into an account or mobile wallet to pay a credit card bill using another credit card. Furthermore, you can use two or more credit cards to arrange the billing amount. However, you cannot directly pay your credit card bill using two credit cards. 

Can you pay off someone else’s credit card bill with a balance transfer?

Yes, but this depends on the issuer. It further depends on your creditworthiness, your credit limit, and other factors.


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